Photo Friday – October 4

by Editorial Staff | October 4, 2013

Dale Hainer - man in old photo with a deer

This is OOD Field Editor Dale Hainer’s first deer. He shot it on Nov. 8, 1975, at the age of 15. Although his father didn’t normally approve of Dale missing school (even when he was sick), his father insisted that Dale take two weeks off to go hunting.

The deer was shot in Nipissing Village and Dale recalls that the deer were on the move two days before the big storm that year — the same storm that sank the SS Edmund Fitzgerald.

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  1. Dale Hainer wrote: 38 years and 38 pounds ago! :)
  2. Dale Hainer wrote: so cool as being contacted by folks about Nipissing Village and Chapmans landing. Amazing how much response one gets form an old photo! Thanks to "ninepointer" here for bringing up so many names and places I shared as a young lad with my dad. :) more please!