Extra day proposed for southern Ontario moose hunt

by Bill Hodgins | December 18, 2015

Moose seasonThe Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is proposing a one-day extension to the southern Ontario moose hunt.

The suggestion is one of three moose-related proposals put forward this week by the MNRF on the Ontario Bill of Rights website. They each are integral to the province’s ongoing Moose Project, consisting of moose management policies first approved in 2009.

“Moose play an important role in Ontario’s ecosystems and are an integral component of the province’s rich biodiversity,” the ministry states on its website.

The MNRF also states that though recent population surveys showed declines in moose populations in many parts of northern Ontario, populations in the southern portion of the range in Ontario have done relatively well.

Under the MNRF proposal, the moose hunting season in southern Ontario would be extended by one day – from the current six days to seven days – to begin at the same time as the calf hunting season in northern Ontario, resulting in increased consistency.

This proposed change is intended to improve hunter distribution across the landscape by reducing the possibility hunters will hunt adult moose in one area and calves in another.

Other proposals include potential changes to wolf and coyote hunting in northern Ontario, and public consultation on new moose population objectives to guide moose management through 2030. You can view the OBR website proposals here.

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