Northern roads get $6 million

by Editorial Staff | May 3, 2024
Roads in backcountry

An additional $6 million in provincial funding to build and maintain northern roads used for regional travel is expected to provide access routes for the tourism sector and industry, aid the transport of goods, and boost emergency responses/preparedness.

The investment will increase funding for the Provincial Forest Access Roads Funding Program to more than $59 million in 2024-25, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry stated on Wednesday, May 1.

Northern roads key to connecting

“Many people rely on this road network every day for travel between work and home and everywhere in-between,” Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry Graydon Smith said. “This investment will keep people and vehicles moving safely, support efficient business operations and build safer, stronger communities.”

The program provides funding for new construction and maintenance of more than 19,500 kilometres of public forest access roads and other essential infrastructure.

These roads are vital to northern, rural, and Indigenous communities, permit safe travel within and between regions, enables business operations for industry and tourism operators, and provides public access to nature and outdoor recreation, officials stated.

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