Muskie Hater Charged

by Guest Author | December 9, 2014

The man who was caught on video on Sept. 6 catching a muskie on the Detroit River, clubbing it, and tossing it back into the water has been charged.

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It is not yet clear what the specific charges are. Mark Robbins, provincial enforcement specialist with the¬†Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry¬†enforcement branch said, “I can tell you that charges have been laid and the case is now before the courts. As you can appreciate this is all the information we are able to share at this point in time.”

In an earlier interview with Robbins he did confirm that it is an offence under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act for “someone to take a fish suitable for human consumption and abandon the fish, if its flesh may become unsuitable for human consumption.”

Here is the original video of the man, and the video interview he did with the Windsor Star giving his version of events.

WARNING: This video contains profane language.

This is the man’s interview with the Windsor Star.


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  1. Jim Davis wrote: Well lets hope he was fined, easy to say sorry after being caught, his actions speack otherwise
  2. Gary Elderman wrote: I hope they hang this guy out to dry to the fullest extent of the law,should he be convicted. I'm not a musky angler by the way but a conservationist as we all should be,YES!
  3. PhilipJames wrote: He was probably drunk... but won't admit that is why he acted like he did.... because that is illegal too. Typical moron. Fine him good.
    • Guy wrote: You hit the nail on the head here. He was obviously beligerently drunk and can't or won't come out and use that as an excuse. Not as if that would pass as a proper excuse, but at least that could make some sense to the rest of us. Using his theory of killing things that kill the fish he targets we are lucky he was just clubbing musky and not other fishermen.
  4. Jeremy wrote: He's lucky they caught him and not me. If I cam across this guy doing that he'd be along side the fish belly up too. Ignorance at it's finest. I hope they've already taken his outdoors card away from him. This dick shouldn't be allowed to hunt or fish. If this is what 1 person caught on video, imagine what he does when no one is around...
  5. Stevedumm01 wrote: He's not drunk, just an A hole with a extra dose of self importance. "45 years of hunting and fishing and I've never.........." Bla Bla Bla bla, BULL SHIT!!!! Imagine the carnage in the lakes and woods after 45 years. I hope they ban him from even looking at a worm for the rest of his life. Lets see if we can come up with another excuse. I hope the Ont govt realizes that this is why we need COs in the field and fewer burocrats in offices. Eddie, the only reason your sorry is because you were caught.... A hole
  6. TMG ltd wrote: hi here again, is musky not the fish of a thousand casts?
  7. ricerockett wrote: It is apparent that this is premeditated, why else the bat ..... most likely a regular occurance, being drunk or smoking pot has no influence on judgement prior to leaving the house. The fact that he has a quick reference response means either he has been confronted before or has planned for such a situation, which concludes,,,premeditation. If this is his fishing mentality it will probably be consistent with hunting. The damage and lack of respect for nature and other people is apparent, ban him for life, lucky he doesn't lose all his fishing, hunting, vehicles and house.