May 2020 solunar calendar

by Editorial Staff | April 27, 2020
coho salmon swimming

Dark green: Days when fish and game are most active
Light green: Days when fish and game are more active than usual

Unofficial key dates:
May 1 Black bear season opens; walleye and pike opener FMZ 14
May 2 Walleye and pike opener FMZ 20
May 9 Walleye and pike general opener southern Ontario
May 15 Walleye and pike opener FMZ 12
May 16 Walleye general opener northern Ontario

Major AM/PM: Daily times when fish and animals are likely to be most active. Periods also last two hours, beginning at listed time.

Also, to get appropriate sunrise and sunset times for your area, visit the Government of Canada’s weather website.

Download the full 2020 solunar table PDF here

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