March 2020 solunar calendar

by Editorial Staff | February 25, 2020
sunlight splits through the trees in a winter scene
Photograph by Meghan Sutherland

Dark green: Days when fish and game are most active
Light green: Days when fish and game are more active than usual

Unofficial key dates:
March 1 Snow geese and Ross’ geese season opens in WMU 65
March 1 Spring wild turkey licenses available
March 1 Black bear licenses available
March 1 Antler-less deer license draw entry opens
March 8 Daylight savings time
March 21 World Forestry Day
March 31 Northern WMU rabbit/hare seasons end

a graph noting best times to hunt and fish
* Calendar adjusted for Daylight Savings Time

Major AM/PM: Daily times when fish and animals are likely to be most active. Periods last two hours, beginning at listed time.

To get appropriate sunrise and sunset times for your area, visit the Government of Canada’s weather website.

Download the full 2020 solunar table PDF here

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  1. Doug Whitford wrote: Just fyi, the 2020 March Solar Calendar and the graph notifying best times to fish did not show up on your sight ... am i doing something wrong? Everything else seemed to be fine Doug
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Hi Doug - it's showing up as a photo of the calendar on the page you commented on. Alternatively, there is a downloadable PDF link on this page but here it is as well if you want to copy and paste it into your browser: Also, you can pick up a copy of your March Solunar calendar in the 2020 Fishing Annual (March) edition of Ontario OUT of DOORS, available on Newsstands. Here is a list of stores that carry the magazine (this is also a PDF which you'll have to download by copy and pasting it into your web browser:
  2. Jeff Paul Furman wrote: Your magazine is excellent
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Thank you so much, Jeff.