Game pie

by Susan Kane-Doyle | November 18, 2014
Game Pie

There are 2 times when it’s good to clean out your freezer. One is when you’re making room for new meat from this year’s harvest, and the second is when you’ve had lots of luck and are running out of room for it. It’s important to date your meat as you put it in the freezer and then use the retail rule of first-in, first-out. This recipe is wonderful when you blend the many flavours that could be in your cache. It could be moose, goose, and grouse, or venison, rabbit, and elk. Combine whatever meat you have.

• 2 tbsp. olive oil
• ½ cup flour
• 1 tsp. salt
• 1 tsp. pepper
• 2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce
• 2 cups water
• 1 pound comprising 3 kinds of meat, cubed into small pieces
• 1 onion, chopped fine
• 1 package dry mushroom gravy

Your favourite pastry recipe for a 2-crust pie. Preheat oven to 350˚F. Roll out and place one piece of pie dough in bottom of pie shell, bake for 10 minutes, then remove from oven. Heat oil in large skillet. Add flour, salt, and pepper to a zip-lock bag. Add meat, close bag, and shake to coat all meat. Add meat cubes to oil and brown on all sides. Throw out any remaining flour. Add onions to skillet and continue to cook until the onions are tender. Mix water with gravy mix and Worcestershire sauce. Add this to the mixture in the skillet and stir to combine. Remove from heat. Pour cooked mixture into the pre-baked pie shell. Top with remaining pie dough and seal edges. Place pie in oven and continue to cook for about 40 minutes at 350˚F until pie is cooked through (internal temperature of 160˚F) and top crust is golden. Serve warm or cold or you could even freeze it for a later use.

This recipe originally appeared in the 2000 Ontario OUT of DOORS March issue.

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