Feds launch National Conservation Plan

by Guest Author | May 15, 2014

national conservation - Scenic view of Ottawa River

The federal government launched the National Conservation Plan (NCP) today, a plan that commits $252 million to conservation across the country.

During the press conference held in Federicton, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said, “The National Conservation Plan will help ensure the sustainability of our nation’s greatest resources, contribute to our country’s long-term prosperity and further position Canada as a world leader in conservation.”

Here is a breakdown of how the funding will be spread out (primarily from 2014 to 2019).

  • $100 million over 5 years to the Nature Conservancy of Canada to secure ecologically sensitive lands;
  • $37 million over 5 years to strengthen marine and coastal conservation;
  • $3.2 million over 5 years to support the development of a complete national inventory of conserved areas in Canada;
  • $50 million over 5 years to restore wetlands;
  • $50 million over 5 years to support voluntary actions to restore and conserve species and their habitats;
  • $9.2 million over 5 years to connect urban Canadians to nature;
  • $3 million over 5 years to Earth Rangers to expand family-oriented conservation programming.

With this plan in place, opportunities for anglers and hunters, environmental interest groups, landowners, and community groups to participate in efforts that help conserve land and water, restore Canadian ecosystems and better connect Canadians to nature will be expanded.

Executive Director of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) Angelo Lombardo said, “The OFAH was pleased to have input in the development of the National Conservation Plan and applauds the Federal Government for a robust commitment to enhancing conservation efforts across Canada,”

The NCP was a commitment made in the 2013 Speech from the Throne.

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