Federal gun mandate revealed

by Jeff Helsdon | January 6, 2020
A woman and man at a shooting range practicing their aim.

The federal Liberal government is moving ahead with its campaign promises for a buyback of “assault rifles,” which further allows municipalities to ban handguns.

Mandate given

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mandate letter to Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair in mid-December included instructions to:

  • ban and buyback all military-style assault rifles
  • work with provinces and territories to give municipalities the ability to further restrict or ban handguns
  • update firearms licence requirements for ammunition imports.
  • strengthen safe-storage laws
  • develop a mechanism for suspending licences for those who pose a danger to themselves or others
  • continue to build a national system that allows for the flagging of bulk purchases of firearms
  • impose stronger penalties for gun smuggling
  • provide the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) with additional resources to detect and stop gun smuggling
  • work to limit by regulation the glorification of violence in firearms marketing and sales

Yet, the prime minister’s letter ended with instructions to “Continue to protect the rights of hunters and farmers. There will not be a return of the long-gun registry.”

OFAH concerned

The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) is concerned with the strategy.

“The government’s failure to tackle the root causes of firearm related violence in Canada is extremely worrisome,” said OFAH Senior Advisor – Community and Partner Relations, Brian McRae. “Canadians expect more from their government; Canadians deserve more.  Banning firearms that are already restricted, from licensed firearms owners, is not only a financial disaster that will rival the failed long gun registry, but it will also do nothing to curb gang-related violence or violence associated with illegal guns. 

More details expected

Asked why there was a larger focus on law-abiding gun owners than illegal guns, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness spokesperson Scott Bardsley answered, “Military-style assault rifles have been used tragically to target women and students. For more than four decades, police chiefs in Canada have been advocating for restrictions on assault weapons, and we have listened. As promised to Canadians in the recent election, we will ban military-style assault rifles.”

Furthermore, he said there have been some misleading figures in regards to the amount the gun buyback will cost in comparison to the amount spent. He added an additional $300 million would be spent to tackle gun crime over the next three years, on top of $283 million already committed.

With the definition of “military-style assault rifles” being vague, there are additional concerns that semi-automatic hunting rifles, such as the Remington 7400 and Browning BAR, will also be banned.

Bardsley did not directly answer a question if the ban would also include other semi-automatic rifles. “Relying on the expert advice of the Canadian Firearms Program, we will provide more details in due course,” he answered.

United front needed

Asked about this, McRae responded, “It is extremely ironic that the government, who have openly stated that firearm classification should be done by the experts and not by politicians, appear now to be intervening and politically re-classifying firearms to fit their own narrative. Firearms should be classified or re-classified based on form and function, not by appearance, colour, or a curved magazine.”   

McRae said there is a need for a united front against this move.

“The government and ban guns advocates are hoping that the hunters, target shooters and gun collectors are outnumbered, divided or silent,” McRae said. “OFAH membership makes sure we are not. All gun owners need to stick together. Our firearms future depends on it.”

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  1. Mike Hoffman wrote: Dear Canadian friends, How long will law abiding sportsman and gun owners be villianized by liberal governments and "evil incarnate" and victimized by erosion of rights for responsible ownership? PM Trudeau has a long history of appeasement to left-wing causes that do nothing to make Canada or North America safer. By enabling municipal restrictions he creates a patchwork of places that is needless infringement on law-abiding citizens and firearm owners. Canadian citizens will be treated as criminals in there own land by province, city, village, and town rather than respected for their common citizenship as Canadians. It's not so many generations ago that my own family emigrated from Canada to Wisconsin, but beyond kinship our two countries are divergent such as there appears to be a race towards enslaving our populations with over-reaching government regulations. Will American sportsman even continue to bring revenue to Canada where many of our hunting tools are already restricted? Canada is less than 10% of the US population, are we to assume you're more criminal than Chicago or Detroit? There is a word of caution despite your side of this issue, rights once gone are hard fought to get back, if ever. Make good decisions, my Northern cousins.
  2. Rob Hare wrote: I am an honest law abiding gun owner. The Federal governments new legislation targets gun owners like myself and fails to address the problem of guns and gangs. The government plan to buy back guns is NOT spending money ( my tax dollars ) wisely. I am extremely confident that no gang members will voluntarily turn in their guns for cash. How will municipalities enforce a no handgun bylaw? The government could be forcing people who legally own hand guns to relocate in order to keep their legally acquired hand guns If the government is serious about criminal gangs with hand gun, they Must stop the leaking boarder. This must include native reserves!
  3. Mike Clemence wrote: This is a typical strategy employed by a government who do not want you to know what they have planned, but try to sway you into a false sense of security with the "we are not targetting hunters" line. This is a typical divide and conquer approach too many will be willing to follow. ANY actions taken against legal firearms owners are targeted at the whole of the community. You only have to look back over the last 6-9 months to see the narrative change from "assault weapons" to "military style assault weapons" to "military style semi automatic" to just plain "semi automatic" when they refer to firearms in the media. Look to the actions in New Zealand for a template of what possibly may occur. They have effectively banned EVERY firearm capable of holding more than 5 rounds .... including 22s! UK is now banning Pump and Lever guns. This is the tip of the iceberg. Even if it doesn't directly effect you NOW, support your fellow firearms owners and speak out AGAINST further restrictions. Please go to www.e2341.ca and sign the petition AGAINST the speculated Order in Council.
  4. Phil wrote: Thank you OAFH for speaking up. Its not just target shooters targeted by the government. It is all of us who have PAL's we are the most vetted and law abiding citizens in the country and using us as the scapegoat to pretend they are doing something about the issues of crime in the cities.
  5. Mark wrote: I wonder if the government is willing to enforce these laws with an iron fist. Arrests, prison, persecution, etc. Just like a police state dictatorship. What has happened to Canada?!
  6. 1AB wrote: Enough of this systemic racism against the firearm community, we are not criminals, we never were. Sign the petition put forth by MP Glen Motz. https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-2341 Write, email, call your Mp, Bill Bliar, Justin Trudope, and tell them that will will no longer stand for there lies of a Transparent and Fact based government. When all the statistics, facts, consultations, experts, chiefs of police state and show that a firearm ban will do nothing to stop gang/criminals. And to immediately stop there Lieberal agenda to destroy the history, heritage, rights, sports, and businesses of this country. That adds to the GDP of this country in the billions, if they are for keeping jobs why are they trying so hard to destroy them. This is a roll call to all firearm owners, the throne speech stated all "military style weapons" ie; handguns, shotguns(pump&sa), lever action, rifles(bolt action&sa).
  7. Terry wrote: RCMP officers across Canada have been killed with assault type rifles,worshipers in Mosques have been killed. Many spouses killed with long guns,these guns were legally acquired in many cases.A recent mass shooting in Toronto with a handgun rallied public support to get something done.We do not want to become another America where kids are shot at school, students in Universities and people in places of worship. New Zealand,Great Britain,Australia,have all tackled this problem along the same line,s as we are only beginning to tackle in Canada. We do not want our Police officers to have to constantly "arm up" like they have done in the U.S.A. Less guns generally result in less problems. The pro gun lobby contribute nothing meaningful to the discussion and make it look like our brave Police Officers do nothing to combat gang,s and guns.
  8. Joe wrote: Sign the petition at the link below. Share it with all of your friends who have PAL's AND RPAL's and ask them to sign it too. Join the CCFR's letter writing campaing (see their website for details). It doesn't cost you anyting to mail letters to the House of Commons. Will it change anything? I don't know, but we cannot sit silently by while our government takes our property and our rights away. It's time we come together as a community to stand up for what WE believe in.... https://petitions.ourcommons.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-2341 Pass it on....
  9. Trent’ wrote: Typical knee-jerk reaction from a liberal Government that has no idea what they’re doing other than wasting taxpayers money there is nothing mentioned about criminals in this Why can’t people see this? Trent Schwieg
  10. Richard Button wrote: I wonder who will be the first officer yo walk onto a First Nation Reserve to ask for their guns?
  11. Phil Kloetstra wrote: How many legal gun owners in Canada? How many voted last federal election? How many of them voted for the liberals even after they vowed to do this? If any gun owners voted for the liberals that is there right but they have no right to blame anyone but themselves
  12. Bill Baird wrote: Law abiding citizens are not the problem, criminals are the problem.
  13. 1AB wrote: Dear Terry anybody in there right mind would not use a restricted weapon to harm someone. Quit blaming the firearm and put the blame at the feet of the shooters instead of caudling them. Banning my right to own such firearms will not stop criminals from obtaining them.Your statements are as false and misguided. Just like Bill Bliar stating you can store a handgun in a locked room. https://youtu.be/K0WGbTULugc And Justin Trudope stating you don't need a PAL/RPAL to buy a firearm. https://youtu.be/JRYuVuxyyoM Police forces need to gear up because our Government and Lieberal voters are ailing them and refusing to strengthen our borders, monitor what is coming through Indian reserves and strengthen the justice system. The fact that gangsters/criminals whomare charged with homicide and firearm prohibition orders are getting out on bail 3 3 months after there sentencing. Or do you not find something wrong with these scenarios. Why is it that the same gangs/ members are in the same areas in the GTA forever 40 years? Is that a problem that law abiding firearm owners have caused or perpetuated. I think not. My rights do not end where your brothers emotions begin. And if you want to argue mybpoint on the right to bear arms in Canada, let me oblige you. The Legal basis for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms in Canada. Many Canadians believe (and our government would certainly have us believe) that there is no Right of the citizen to keep arms for their own use and defense, like the US Second Amendment, in Canadian law. To those citizens, I would suggest a bit of reading up on our own history and legal framework. Our right to bear arms is not mentioned in recent documents such as the Constitution or Charter because it's already stated elsewhere in Canadian law. Our right to keep and bear arms in our own or the country's defense comes from exactly the same place as the American one -- English Common Law, the English Bill of Rights 1689, the writings of Sir William Blackstone in his Commentaries on English Law, and others. All these laws (and indeed the full body of English Law), became part of Canadian law on our Confederation in 1867 with the affirmation of the British North America (BNA) Act. We have this Right, though our government is attempting to suppress it and deny citizen's their age-old right to self-defense with the egregious and unconstitutional (not to mention horrendously expensive) Firearms Act and other proposals. It leads one to wonder why the government so wants an unarmed and defenceless populace. In closing I hope you will take the time to properly educate yourself on the firearms act, instead of being guided by lies from the Lieberals and MSM. I wish you all the best in the new year. And please, "DON'T TREAD ON ME ".
  14. Guy Depatie wrote: There are more people killed by driving and texting than people killed by guns. But theres too high a percentage of people that own phones including politicians. Its too easy to attack the ones that follow the law because we tend to want to obey these laws, but I say grow a set politicians and attack the real criminals. All these changes wont affect the criminal because he doesnt follow your laws. The liberals have committed political suicide in the past over gun laws. I am having a Deja Vu.....
  15. Paramjit Singh wrote: Hello friends Already well classified fire arms act don’t need further restrictions. Assault rifles, weapons used by military and policemen are already falling under prohibited class. Obtaining licence for this class is not that easy. Peaceful licensed gun owners are not criminals and don’t get involved in criminal activities, so why target these responsible citizens. The need of hour is to tackle smuggling and illegal trade of firearms, stern and quick actions are required to deal with criminals. Please stop harassing the peace loving , lawful restricted/non-restricted PAL holders, shooting sports lovers and hunters.
  16. Paul Paton wrote: I totally support the gun ownership issue in Canada for hunting and for personal protection...due to dire times coming in the future...Canadians deserve the right to protect themselves and their families no matter what...
  17. Luciano De Fazio wrote: What is truly amazing to anyone with a grade 3 education and above is the stupidity that has taken over so many Canadians and Americans. Banning anything anywhere in the world will only result in a greater $$ black market of those items banned. Check your history and do your research before you open your mouth. The percentage of legal firearms used in crime in Canada alone is so miniscule that it isn't worth tabling. Triggers don't commit crime, people do. There is more crime in Canada committed every day by knife, rope, bare hands etc than by firearms (check stats Canada). When is the last time a firearm was incarcerated for killing someone, or robbing a bank? When was the last time a firearm rose up and shot at someone by it self? How about a knife, ever see one throw itself, or a bat swing itself at someone? Where is the cry, especially in tear town Toronto to ban chevy vans, where the 2nd worst mass killing in Canadian history took place last April 2018? 10 people killed and another 16 injured critically? Why aren't we banning chevy vans?? What anti-gunners are suggesting is this, let's all blame the neighbour's well behaved children for something the unfit parents bully children committed. Yes of course, that makes sense??? For all you anti-gunner scholars, take note of this. “Nothing in the entire world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Or even better, "We are all born ignorant, that is the human life. However, one must work hard to remain stupid." - Benjamin Franklin.
  18. John Moodie wrote: Hunters and sport shooters are a minority in Canada. We have had no effective nor collective advocacy for the safe recreational use of firearms in this country ever. We have always complied with every restriction placed on firearms ownership by the anti gun lobby thinking that such compliance will get them off our backs. It will not. Anti gunners will not be satisfied until all legally owned firearms are confiscated. Maybe once gun owners accept that this is the legal gun owners last stand they might grow a backbone.
  19. gerard young wrote: Just say no There are a lot of legal gun owners like me who hunt and are active gun club owners that went through the screening process and have invested countless dollars in hunting tags and permits if we all just say no to the buy back really what can they do If they want to side with the criminals and keep them armed ,well we have to do something I am tired of giving up my god given rights to satisfy politicians and others who look at solving problems with going after the wrong people if we as Canadians do not stand up now who knows what will be next
  20. Shawn Kalka wrote: Punishing law abiding citizens by taking guns away that are used for sport will not solve any issues with gun violence. Tougher penalties for criminals who use firearms in a crime are needed. Bail should be denied for any firearms related offences! Jail time needs to be increased as well. These laws are only making it easier for criminals to continue with their acts. Give Canadians the right to defend themselves from these people.
  21. Maryann Bolen wrote: If the government wants to take your guns, it's because they also want to take your rights, too. Your rights to property, own property, free speech or free travel, soon they will round you up to be euthanized. The government is never a friend to the people.
  22. 1AB wrote: The numbers are staggering, 484 shootings in Toronto final 12 months with 764 sufferers. Evaluate that to 2014, simply 5 years previous, when there have been 175 shootings and 237 sufferers. Or examine it to Toronto’s notorious “Yr of the Gun” in 2005 the place there have been simply 262 shootings and 367 sufferers. The choice of sufferers has long gone up annually since 2014, now there are greater than 3 times as many sufferers as part a decade in the past. The choice of shootings has long gone up annually however 2017 — when it took slightly of a dip — however general, shootings in 2019 are sitting at nearly triple the speed of 2014. Toronto isn’t by myself in coping with this drawback. On this record photograph taken on July 10, 2018, Top Minister Justin Trudeau addresses a joint press convention along with his Latvian counterpart following their assembly in Riga, Latvia. ILMARS ZNOTINS / AFP/Getty Pictures Shootings are up in Calgary with 83 via the top of November in comparison to 47 the 12 months earlier than and nonetheless smartly above their multi-year moderate of 71 shootings. In Ottawa, there used to be a slight lower after years of will increase and the country’s capital remains to be smartly above the place they have been in 2014. It’s a serve as of an larger drug business because of fentanyl, most commonly smuggled in from China, being secure via weapons snuck in from the US. “As participants of the road gangs are protective their atmosphere for the distribution piece of that drug task, that is the place it comes, that is the place there may be the large game-changer,” Toronto Police Leader Mark Saunders mentioned in a year-end information convention on Dec. 19. The executive says that there’s no one act that may or will clear up the issue in his town however that there must be a multifaceted manner. Nonetheless he said that the issue is pushed via gangs promoting narcotics whilst the use of unlawful weapons. “I consider 82%, give or take, of the crime weapons within the town are coming from the US,” Saunders mentioned. So, if the explanations using this are medication from China and weapons from the US, either one of that are unlawful, why is the Trudeau executive seeking to clear up the issue via banning rifles utilized in searching and goal capturing? Most commonly as a result of it’s more straightforward than coping with the issue of preventing weapons on the border. “There are new subtle ways in which weapons come into town,” Saunders mentioned when requested about strategies of gun smuggling equivalent to attaching weapons to the ground of automobiles. He wouldn’t elaborate however stories of cross-border customers being utilized by arranged crime to unwittingly smuggle weapons around the border abound. A automobile is concentrated at a cross-border buying groceries centre, weapons and a monitoring software are hooked up to the automobile and after the consumer returns house, the weapons are retrieved. Preventing that is a part of the issue. As an alternative, the Trudeau executive is set to spend two times as a lot, $600 million, to shop for again weapons, as they plan on spending over 5 years to battle weapons and gangs in our towns and cities — $327 million. The feds have earmarked handiest $86 million over 5 years for the border. Calgary Police Leader Mark Neufeld informed the Calgary Usher in that the government’s movements don’t fit with what his town is coping with. “I suppose the problem that must be reconciled is that with the shootings we’re having in Calgary, they’re no longer being perpetrated via lawful, law-abiding handgun house owners,” Neufeld mentioned. The Trudeau Liberals are even promising to permit municipalities to prohibit handguns in spite of refusing to unlock any knowledge that means banning licenced firearms would cut back shootings via gangsters with unlawful guns. The struggle over weapons guarantees to be probably the most large political tales of 2020. Let’s hope that the Trudeau executive begins to reside as much as their declare of the primary time period — that they’re evidence-based policymakers. If this is the case, they’re going to abandon their gun buyback and handgun ban concepts and get started specializing in if truth be told lowering gun crime on the supply. The place the Liberals will spend the cash In 2017, the federal Liberal executive introduced a five-year plan to battle weapons and gangs throughout Canada. Of that cash, $214 million used to be to be made to be had to the provinces. At the border in particular, the federal government mentioned: “$86 million is equipped to the CBSA and RCMP to assist save you unlawful firearms and hid items from entering the rustic illegally, whilst offering vital assets for firearms investigations.” In September 2019, the Liberals made an election promise announcing a re-elected Trudeau executive would transfer rapid on “banning all military-style attack rifles, together with the AR-15.” The promise integrated an offer to shop for again as much as 250,000 rifles from licenced gun house owners at a price of $600 million. In spite of being utilized in a number of mass shootings in the US, there’s no historical past of that rifle getting used as against the law gun in Canada.
  23. 1AB wrote: Hello my Brothers and Sisters in arms, I urge you to write or email your MP, Justin Trudope, Bill Bliar and all sitting members. Postage is free to any member of parliament. I have created a template letter for you to use, TY. #Fightthegoodfight Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, House of Commons, Parliament Buildings, Ottawa, ON. K1A 0A6 Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, The Government of Canada has recently announced that it intends to, yet again, ban more legal firearms from innocent firearms owners under the guise of enhancing public safety and security. Being part of the firearm community I oppose any such action, on the grounds that, banning firearms, licensing owners, and classifying firearms is unnecessary and ineffective in deterring determined miscreants from misusing firearms in the commission of crime. Furthermore, your Liberal government has no justification to further restrict the freedom of innocent people. For too long now, politicians and mass media has been scapegoating lawful firearms owners for criminal acts not of their making. Responsible citizens have complied with the gun control; however, we continue to face systemic racism, slander, and restrictions that further institutionalizes our unjust and prejudicial treatment. Whether willfully or by incompetence, our governments have often created bad laws that are unjust, ineffective, and purposely malign a targeted minority group, which is civilian firearm owners. It is clear that there will come a time when those affected will express themselves in civil resistance and righteous indignation. Your government’s authoritarian actions have not only divided this great nation along regional lines, but they have also pitted neighbour against neighbour. This is not leadership, especially when the results are a deepening distrust of the government, waning faith in the rule of law, and the erosion of individual liberty and freedom. It is obvious now that your Liberal government has a goal of advancing civil disarmament in Canada. Many people and groups have provided your government and others with evidence that demonstrates that our current gun control regime is a failure in having anything to do with providing public safety. Your comments and actions show that you have rejected this truth outright. For years, we have provided evidence and information to your government, and your actions show that you are ignoring the facts. Even frontline Canadian police and security forces have openly rejected your misguided gun control ideology as ineffective, and yet you continue to hold to discredited policies. Gun control is based on the lie that it helps public safety – clearly, it doesn’t. Using tax dollars to fund a firearms confiscation scheme is a waste of resources better spent on programs that would solve real problems and make Canada a better country. Consider spending Taxpayer’s money on funding poverty alleviation programs, supporting crime reduction efforts, providing additional police investigative resources, and funding additional health diagnostic equipment. These programs would actually help prevent crime and improve the lives of Canadians. It is expected the cost of your gun confiscation program to exceed 2.5 billion dollars. Is that really the best allocation of our tax dollars? I think not. This is a mess the Liberals made twenty years ago, in forgetting that true democracy proceeds by compromise and not by the winner-takes-all game of first-past-the-post electoral politics. We are still bobbing in the wake of Allan Rock’s contentious Firearms Act, a bill that in its original form allowed police to search any home without a warrant if they believed a firearm was present—even if the firearm was legally owned. The party leadership has changed, but the sense of persecution persists. Thanking you in advance for your time and consideration. Regards,
  24. Dave Tren wrote: What?!!! Nothing about getting guns out of the hands of criminals?!! Just making more criminals out of honest people!
  25. Richard Laurin wrote: they do realise giving municipalities the right to ban guns will creat more crime into specific areas how do they think criminals will behave when they reilse specific comunities have banns..
  26. Bev Hastings wrote: Absolutely ridiculous! Ban guns from criminals, hahaha!
  27. CLYDE RAMSUBEIK wrote: after reading the above information on the current liberal Government's (who i DID NOT vote for) baseless and persistent hammering to ban assault weapons and hand guns,it clearly demonstrates their ignorance of the facts and furthermore make me wonder if the even care. Are they aware that legally owned Hand Guns, and 'other restricted' weapons falls under very strict regulations regarding acquisition their storage,usage and the very serious penalties already in place for violating these. These are some of the strictest that i know of in developed countries such as Canada. This is the same Government ,whose priority was to LEGALIZE weed!!?? I agree with two things though. 1)higher penalties for gun smuggling and 2) provide border security and the RCPM with more resources to deal with gun smuggling which is the root issue which they should be addressing and not HARASSING law abiding gun owners as myself.
  28. Wayne Hansen wrote: I just bought a GSG semi automatic 22 caliber From Cabela’s in Calgary Will rim fire rifles be exempt from this military style proposal ? I use this rifle for partridge hunting I am a law abiding Canadian Citizen Thanks you Wayne Hansen
  29. Tom compoli wrote: Can southern Ontario minus Hamilton and Toronto become part of Michigan or New York yet?
  30. Fred Leonenko wrote: I am a licensed gun owner and I don’t like being picked on by the Liberal government. This is all political. They are ignoring the facts. I agree gun owners UNITE!!!
  31. Jim Myers wrote: Stop going after legal owners of firearms. Stricter laws required for use of guns when used in criminal activity. Easy for the government to pick on legal owners but justice system protects criminals just ask a police man.
  32. Chuck Bell wrote: I am on the same page as everyone else, law abiding gun owners should not be punished for what criminals have done, this will do absolutely nothing to stop gun violence, just cost taxpayers a bunch more money Thanks Liberal Government Law abiding gun owner Chuck Bell
  33. John Quattrocchi wrote: This is an absolute farce! Once again we hunters and handgun owners are being targeted by a Liberal Government. This does nothing to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. What a joke! Liberals everywhere should be ashamed of themselves. I can't wait to vote Conservative in the next election and get rid of the bumbling Liberals. Of course Blair fully endorsed this action being that he is a former Police Chief. What else are the Liberals going to do to further screw up this country? I'm sure we will see soon enough.
  34. Mike Garrels wrote: Firearms ownership information and more specifically handgun information would be very valuable if disclosed to criminals. Privacy laws would apply but this government must be willing to disregard them by disclosing this information to municipal governments. There is no way to ban ownership without this violation. This government needs to be held accountable for violating our right to privacy, our right to freedom of conscience, and freedom from harm. Thanks for keeping the pressure on. We can’t back down.
  35. Jeff Minten wrote: What does it take for the government to understand that the problem is with the criminals who use firearms to commit crimes regardless of what they are (eg. murder, theft, etc.) They do not care how many stupid laws they put in place. They do nothing to stop them or deter them. I am not sure what it takes to control these people, but I do no that making life difficult for honest gun owners does nothing to stop the problem. Just look at countries with total gun bans, they still have gun crimes... What don't they see??? They need to explain this to the ones that don't get it, instead of trying to appease them with false hope and stupid laws that will do "nothing" to fix the problem.
  36. Paul Mann wrote: I am have been hunting with my father and uncles for the past 32 years. Raised with good Canadian hunting ethics and values. Now having the opportunity to pass on that knowledge to my nephew, who is just beginning his love for the outdoors and hunting. We already have the toughest gun laws of any other country. Please leave the sportsman and gun owner alone and go after the roots of the problem instead of the law abiding citizen.
  37. Colin Wilson wrote: It gets extremely tiring and frustrating to continue to have to fight for what all law abiding gun owners and hunters believe and know. I can't understand why it's not more clear to others that our government is not going entirely in the right direction. Some of their mandates are so absurd, it's sickening. Anyone who has ever been actively engaged in problem resolution of any kind knows that we need to explore "root" cause and start there. And action also needs to be taken based on what will truly help deal with the root cause, and not make decisions based on poor information or worse; on what uneducated people think; not to mention being "vote" driven. We as law abiding gun owners and hunters need to stay the course; be respectfully vocal and at all times be representative of the law abiding and proud Canadian Citizens that we really are.
  38. Rick Blanchard wrote: Only law abiding people follow the law. Not many criminals will say for example,”so and so has got to be killed”, I’d better get my PAL
  39. ken johnson wrote: what i don't understand is they legalized cannabis to take away street crime , but the complete opposite for rifles and hand guns ?