DIY: easy odour absorber

by Guest Author | September 25, 2013

Eons before the advent of scent-control activated charcoal hunting suits, a woman working in a Port Perry convenience store taught me how to capture offensive odours. My children suffered from motion sickness, so when I asked her for a scented air spray to mask the sour smell in the car, she suggested filling a perforated coffee can with charcoal. The results far exceeded all expectations.

Hunting season rolled around and the light bulb went on. I could use the same approach to keep hunting gear scent-free. To this day, all my tote boxes of gear and bags of hunting clothes include a perforated container filled with charcoal. When the charcoal becomes saturated and unable to absorb any more odours, I simply refill the container with new charcoal.



  1. Bb wrote: Just learned about this technique for my hockey equipment. Going to give it a try this season.
  2. New Newf wrote: How do you know the charcoal hasn't already absorbed all it can before you bought it. After all, bags of charcoal are not hermetically sealed are they?
  3. RippleOutdoors wrote: Instead of buying a 20 pound bad of charcoal I just put an Ever Bamboo scent control deodorizers in sport bag or closet. Ten times more effective, they last a year, easily recharged by sunlight and recyclable. Cost about $9, with no messy dust, plus I BBQ with gas.
  4. TEAMMOA wrote: How can you tell the charcoal is full?