Clean-up days planned

by Editorial Staff | May 12, 2020
a fallen, forgotten take-out cup embedded in leaves
A fast food beverage container sitting in leaves. (Photo by Jason Bain)

Litter clean-up days will be organized province-wide “when the time is right,” following the first Provincial Day of Action on Litter in Ontario on Tuesday, May 12, government officials announced.

The day is an opportunity for all Ontarians to raise awareness and take action to reduce litter and waste at home and in our communities, stated Environment, Conservation, and Parks Minister Jeff Yurek and Parliamentary Assistant Andrea Khanjin.

Environmental importance of clean-up days

“During the COVID-19 outbreak, we have seen people across the province doing their part to combat the health crisis from home, or as essential service workers on the frontlines. These are extraordinary times with our focus entirely on staying safe and stopping the spread, but we must never forget the importance of preserving our environment.”

The government will work with communities and partners for the planned clean-ups.

“We know that Ontarians are eager to return outdoors, and this will be a great opportunity to reconnect with nature,” they stated.

How to help

Officials noted that everyone can reduce, prevent, or divert waste while staying at home and physically distancing in the following ways:

  • Choosing products with less packaging and replacing single-use food wraps with reusable storage containers.     
  • Becoming experts in what goes in the green bin and blue box.
  • For anything that does belong in the trash, such as disposable gloves and masks, making sure garbage bags are properly tied or sealed, to keep our neighbourhoods clean and safe.

Learn more about the impacts of litter and waste on the environment and how to prevent, reduce and divert waste at home at You can also share your Day of Action on Litter actions by using the hashtag #ActONLitter, officials stated.

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