raccoon hunters - raccoon in tree

Hunters who want to harvest raccoons at night will no longer be required to buy a special licence thanks to recent changes in the provincial Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act.

Included in those changes is the elimination of the Ontario resident licence to hunt raccoon at night. Starting Jan. 1, 2014, residents will be able to hunt for raccoon at night under the sole authority of a small game or an Ontario trappers licence valid for that property/trapline.

The same firearm size restrictions and the requirement to be accompanied by a licensed dog still apply. A light can be used as long as it isn’t shone from or attached to a vehicle or boat. Trappers must still only hunt raccoon at night within the area governed by their licence.

During closed seasons, persons may, under the authority of an Ontario resident or non-resident small game licence, chase and pursue — but not kill — raccoons at night, and foxes, coyotes, and wolves during the day. Typically this activity is for the dog training and trialing for hunting purposes.

Non-residents are still prohibited from hunting raccoons for the purpose of killing in Ontario.