Cabela’s is coming to Ontario

by Guest Author | July 25, 2013


Cabela’s Incorporated announced today that it will be opening a store in Barrie, Ont.

The store will be located near the intersection of Highway 400 and Mapleview Drive in the Park Place Shopping Centre. Construction on the 70,000-square-foot store is scheduled to begin this summer and Cabela’s anticipates a summer 2014 opening.

This will be the first store in Ontario for the U.S.-based outdoor retail giant. Currently, there are three other stores open in Western Canada with two listed as “coming soon” on the company’s website.


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  1. anon wrote: When are we getting a Cabelas or Bass Pro Shops in Ottawa darn it!
    • mufu wrote: Im tired of the thinking that TO is the centre of the universe... when it comes to Canada. Ottawa is the nations capital and I would think there are more true outdoorsmen/women in the Ottawa Valley then in TO.
      • Jamieson Currie wrote: But this part of the 400 is the main passage up to central and northern ontario for all of South Western Ontario, including London/Sarnia/Windsor KW-Cambridge-Guelph/Hamilton/etc, etc...putting the stores here ensures that ALL of these people have access on their way to superb cottage country.
        • Wired wrote: I think this is great as now I will be able to talk with someone and they will give plenty of jobs to local people. Ordering online or from a catalouge does not support our economy
        • sabmgb wrote: Problem with that is not all of us southern folk drive the 4.5hrs to the big box area at the right time of year. There are no local stores that sell what I want. So I have to go 2hr to Cabelas' in Dundee mi. that 2 hrs can drag out if border busy. Like to know the number of people from TO to Windsor, bet more than TO to the north. Somewhere on the west side of TO would have been nice for all us west of TO like Brantford or Guleph. Still close to the hordes in TO and under 3 hours for the rest of us. Guess you need to be beside your competition.
      • bush24 wrote: Ya, and Southern Ontario doesn't stop at Kingston! It goes all the way to the Quebec border.
        • Karl Schwarzpech wrote: It actually also goes all the way to the US border in Windsor as well. Luckily we're close enough to BPS and Cabelas in Michigan that we don't need to negotiate the scary 401 and play dodge the trucks. Problem is we still need to drive a bit in Ontario to buy guns, ammo and reloading components. Thankfully we have General Gun in Windsor and Wortners in Chatham.
    • Myles McLaughlin wrote: I am with you. Toronto already has BP and Sail's prices aren't competitive.
    • Zug wrote: Hopefully never........ ;)
  2. Northerner wrote: bicker all you want about a location... toronto or ottawa or barriefact of the matter is your forgetting about the best place to live and hunt and fish... Northern Ontario!!!
    • ltsmash wrote: Yes cabelas Please put one in Sudbury area, itll save me tons on shipping!!
      • Becky wrote: Agreed!
  3. habs wrote: I'm with you guys to we need a BPS in Ottawa
  4. john wrote: Great another big box that will hurt the small businessperson it's hard enough to stay in business now. When they come it will kill more of us.
  5. Andy Purvis wrote: can they put one in Kingston ont
  6. looped wrote: Think I would much rather see more MEC stores come in rather than a US big box store...
  7. Paul wrote: If I have to drive that far, I think that I will continue on to Epps instead.
    • disqus_cB8fVgZSK6 wrote: I put money on it you stop there without a doubt but ya sound good lol
  8. Chris wrote: Barrie, hmmmm...... so everyone from S. Ontario has to drive to Barrie. Not very smart.
    • Madamx wrote: It's perfectly smart! Barrie is the gateway to cottage country. Would you rather this store be located in Sudbury which is even further north? Demographics dude, demographics!!
      • Becky wrote: As I live in Sudbury, I think it would be awesome to have it here! However, I agree that Barrie is a perfect place for it! It's half way for Northern and Southern Ontario, and right in Cottage Country
  9. rob wrote: Well it is about time we get a real fishing and hunting outfitter in barrie instead of canadian tire which charges a fortune for a lure theses days.Canadian tire sucks and I love that cabelas is coming to barrie!!Fshing and hinting people will be better off when they come more selection and not a rip off like canadian tire!!
  10. bush24 wrote: Can they put one in South Eastern ON already! We have limited local gun dealers, often have to drive to Ottawa, Montreal, LeBaron and Sail.
  11. Butler wrote: Still closer to drive to Dundee and the prices are cheaper
  12. Punisher wrote: Born and Raised in Norflok County and living in Barrie for the past 10 years. I work in 5 min from bass pro and Sail in Vaughn, All of the big box stores have their deals and yes its awsome that Cabelas is coming to Barrie as it gives us more selection but I I still purchase guns and ammo from local outfitters like Ellwood Epps, Tremblays and Fred's in Delhi. I am sure that the first time any of you hunters or fishermen drive up the 400 into Barrie you will be the first to stop in to check out the new Cabelas. I have no doubts that you will continue to buy most of their ammo and guns from their local gun and tackle store when you get home.
  13. samcro wrote: Thats great can't wait can get a product from them and nothave to see it till two weeks later
  14. not quite as advertised wrote: somebody has to pay for the big American Stores and it is the customer. Prices @ Bass Pro are high, store is unorganized and confusing and Cabellas will be the same.
  15. Cam wrote: A store in the Ottawa area would be nice
  16. Willy wrote: Who cares if it is another American big box store ? They employ Canadians and pay local taxes and federal taxes. Bring in a big box store from China if you want as long as they employ Canadians and pay taxes. My only wish is that it's too bad they aren't coming to Sudbury.
  17. Wes wrote: I just hope it's big enough, Bps in vaughan is twice the size, but a lot of wasted space, just hope they get it organized and still offer a good selection
  18. Charles Robert Larsh wrote: better price i hope than windsor gun shop 34$ box of bullets from b.c. is a 54$ box of bullets from ontario