Ask a CO: Can I carry a .22 rifle for hunting squirrels while bowhunting for deer?

by Editorial Staff | July 15, 2021
Black Crossbow and black .22 rifle lay up against a tree in a heavily wooded area.

Q: Can I carry a .22 rimfire rifle for hunting squirrels while bowhunting for deer during a bows-only deer season?
Scott Bisson, Brantford

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Bows only

A: If you are hunting deer during a bows-only season for deer, then the only type of fire-arm that you may use or carry with you is a bow. You can hunt squirrel (provided that squirrel season is open) with the bow.

David Critchlow, Provincial Enforcement Specialist, MNRF

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Originally published in the August 2020 issue of Ontario OUT of DOORS magazine. Ask a CO is also a regular feature in the print edition.

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  1. noobbot wrote: If you are hunting small game in an area where there is an open season for deer, moose, elk, or black bear, you may not possess or use a centre-fire rifle or shells loaded with ball or with shot larger than No. 2 shot (non-toxic equivalents include steel shot larger than triple BBB, or bismuth larger than double BB), unless you possess a valid licence to hunt big game (deer, moose, elk or black bear) during the relevant open season. This restriction does not apply south of the French and Mattawa rivers during an open season for deer that is restricted to the use of bows, or to hunters with a valid small game licence who are hunting wolf or coyote during an open season for deer, moose, elk or black bear.
  2. Craig Smith wrote: I don’t want to have to drive very far to take a pelt to (coyote, raccoon etc..) Is there a list of taxidermists for Ontario ? Or maybe a fur buyer? I just don’t know where to take one if I shoot one. Thanks, Craig Smith Strathroy, Ontario
    • Meghan Sutherland wrote: Craig, Taxidermy recommendations are a fickle thing, as every mount and every harvest/pelt is different. You may want to try Kijiji for selling them, or look into donating opportunities.