Additional deer seals on sale

by Guest Author | July 16, 2013

deer seals - Three whitetail bucks fighting in a field

An additional 26,215 deer seals went on sale today for Ontario-resident hunters.

Hunters can purchase a seal online or over the phone (1-800-288-1155) until the end of the month on a first come, first serve basis.

There will be two sale periods, with the first one running from July 16 until July 24. During this time hunters may purchase one additional deer seal. From July 24 until July 31, hunters will be able to purchase multiple deer seals.

Any seals that aren’t sold over the phone or online by July 30 will go on sale at participating Service Ontario Centres on August 1.

Keep in mind that additional seals are subject to certain harvest conditions including wildlife management unit (WMU), season, type of firearm (e.g. bow, shotgun, muzzle-loading gun), type of deer that can be harvested (antlered or antlerless) and in some cases, possession of a Controlled Deer Hunt Validation Tag.

Check the list of hunt codes to see what’s available in your WMU.

To purchase a seal online or over the phone you will need the following information:

  • your current Outdoors Card number;
  • your date of birth;
  • your postal code; and
  • your hunt code or WMU, season type and deer type.

Each additional deer seal costs $46.17 (includes HST.

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  1. Ben Schweitzer wrote: maybe this ad has something to do with my area selling out the first day it opened, years past was able to just go buy the tag at local office ,no extra tags this year
  2. Douglas McAllister wrote: trying to find out the hunt codes for 2019 for extra deer tags & can't get the information