3 knots for fluorocarbon

by Luigi De Rose | July 8, 2013

Fluorocarbon line has many redeeming qualities but it’s a real pain to knot. Any missteps will have you in tears. Here are three super knots to use.

Tip: Before seating the knot, soak it with water or saliva to reduce damaging, fraying, or overheating.

Albright Knot_HR
Albright Knot Video

Double Uni-Kno_HR
Double Uni-knot Video

Improved Clinch Knot_HR
Improved Clinch Know Video

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  1. BaPal wrote: The improved clinch knot still needs improvement. I lost a beautiful Steelhead to this knot. I now use a surgeon's knot to make a loop and use the loop to attach the terminal tackle.
  2. ihavetopickastupidname wrote: I've been trying to come up with a new knot, and I'm working on a hybrid trilene and uni knot.