Whether you hunt turkey in the spring or fall let Ontario OUT of DOORS help you fill your tags with expert tips and tricks.

Dominate the fall turkey call

by Al Davy | November 1, 2023

Learn how to call like a top turkey with these realistic calls to get the most out of your hunt.

blind compromise

A blind compromise

by Jeff Helsdon | June 7, 2023

Blinds offer many advantages for turkey hunters: they conceal movement, offer more comfortable seating, and protection from the weather.

smoked turkey with ramp pesto

Smoked turkey with ramp pesto

by Andrew Rochon | May 12, 2023

This is my most-used, extremely versatile preparation for wild turkey breasts. Serve sliced on a variety of food beds.

Turkey Call

Turkey call care

by Scott McGuigan | April 25, 2023

A little bit of TLC goes a long way in making a real difference in tone, functionality, and longevity of your turkey calls.

Hunting Small Game

Hunting the end of cover

by Steve Galea | January 9, 2023

In some cover hiding is easy, but I learned long ago that the end of the cover is where many make-or-break moments happen.

debating jakes in a field with a decoy

Debating jakes

by Jeff Helsdon | May 26, 2022

As hunters, we should embrace our hunting and conservation success stories, and focus less on the age and size of our harvests, Jeff Helsdon writes.

a fallen turkey in the grass

Doubling down on turkey town

by Jeff Helsdon | April 13, 2022

A double on turkeys is quite a feat, but ensure you do it safely. If you miss, just sit tight, it’s not the end of the world, or your day.

a tom turkey strutting Feat

Avian influenza outbreak expected to spread

by Steve Galea | April 8, 2022

Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) will likely become more widespread, according to the Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS).

New fall turkey season proposed in some WMUs

by Editorial Staff | January 14, 2022

Mandatory hunter reporting aided in the Environmental Registry of Ontario's proposal to open a fall wild turkey season in select WMUs.