Whether it’s ducks or geese, Ontario OUT of DOORS has the expert waterfowl advice you need, from calling to decoys.


Duck Call from the Capital

by Scott McGuigan | August 18, 2014

Waterfowl calls by a duck-moving defenceman and his friends.

Mallard duck standing on snow

Migratory Bird Permit and Stamp Available Online

by Guest Author | August 8, 2014

A positive move for waterfowlers.

duck calling - demonstration

Calling All Waterfowlers

by Scott McGuigan | July 15, 2014

Improve the realism of your duck calling.

ducks unlimited - geese

MNR and Ducks Unlimited Partner on dams, conversation

by Editorial Staff | January 28, 2014

The 2 have signed a 5-year agreement that will allow for the repair or building of small, low-risk dams.

water - man with firearm

Q&A: Discharging a firearm on water

by Editorial Staff | December 5, 2013

When waterfowl hunting on water, how far do you need to be from waterfront homes or cottages in order to discharge a firearm? Does it depend on...

attitude - goose decoy in a field

Hunting geese with attitude

by Guest Author | October 9, 2013

How to hunt high-pressure geese.

pre-hunt prep

Duck, duck, shoot: pre-hunt prep

by Scott McGuigan | September 12, 2013

A checklist to help you get all your ducks in a row — literally.

three Bs - Man sitting in a blind on the beach

The three Bs of waterfowling

by Scott McGuigan | September 4, 2013

Boats, blinds and bullrushes — tips for a successful hunt.

calling mallards and black ducks

Calling All Mallards

by Bob Bailey | September 23, 2012

Nothing is more satisfying in duck hunting than responsive birds. You turn them, they circle several times, but your sweet music brings them back to finish on set wings over the decoys.