From grouse to woodcock to pheasant, take your upland hunting game to the next level with Ontario OUT of DOORS’ expert advice.

Ask a CO: Are detachable magazines allowed when shotgun hunting?

by Editorial Staff | January 14, 2021

Ask a CO takes Ontario OUT of DOORS readers’ questions and utilizes the knowledge of Conservation Officers to find the answers.

covering ground uplands hunting

Covering ground for upland results

by Steve Galea | November 9, 2020

No matter what you think of the northern approach, If you want to harvest birds, you need to cover ground until you find them.

No sandhill crane hunt

by Jeff Helsdon | September 4, 2019

Ontario will not open a sandhill crane hunt, but there will be a federal study to determine ways to mitigate the agricultural damage they do.

pelee island pheasant

Pelee hunt still a go

by Steve Galea | September 4, 2019

It will be business as usual for the pheasant hunts at Pelee Island this fall, after some local debate about whether or not the hunt is still viable.

upland - grouse

Setting up for better upland shots

by Steve Galea | October 15, 2018

For most upland grouse hunters, an ideal day afield would include many flushes — the more, the merrier, in fact. I don’t see it exactly that way.

woodcock report 2016

Woodcock report 2016

by Steve Galea | August 12, 2016

Each spring Bird Studies Canada (BSC), in partnership with the MNRF and Environment Canada, oversees woodcock singing ground survey (SGS) routes provincially. Of the 111 active routes, 89 returned data this year.

grouse hunting - in hawthorns

Grouse Hunting in the Hawthorns

by Steve Galea | October 21, 2014

Tips for getting through the thickets unscathed.

singing grounds - grouse

Surveying woodcock singing grounds

by Steve Galea | July 15, 2014

Some hunters build nesting boxes, others donate money for conservation initiatives. This hunter plans on counting woodcock.


Mourning doves: Ontario's newest season

by Steve Galea | September 18, 2013

Migratory bird hunters visiting southern and central Ontario will learn a little about humility and a lot about why mourning doves are North America’s favourite game bird.