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coho salmon swimming
Solunar Calendar
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May 2020 solunar calendar

The solunar calendar for May 2020 is now available! Get the dates and times when fish and wildlife will be most active this month.

a couple holding fish on a boat in the water
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Home waters: a Winnipeg River fishing adventure

This is not your average fishing resort; it has fine dining, the landscaping is beautiful, and the accommodations are high-end. It was the perfect place for the romantic fishing trip Shelby and I were looking for.

A lodge with steps leading up from the beach
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Timberwolf Lodge: angling the intriguing waters of Nagagami Lake

Angling the intriguing waters of Nagagami Lake.

fish cheeks arranged on a plate decorously with sauce and garnish
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Walleye cheeks provençale

Some anglers have known about the secret cache of sweet, tender meats for a while, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s time to learn.

deadstick rig in holder on bucket for ice fishing
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Deadsticking more walleye

At least once every winter, a dead-stick rod saves my bacon and catches walleye uninterested in biting jigging lures. While soaking a minnow is a simple finesse approach, paying attention to details will boost success. Here is a rundown of the method.


Walleye in the pads

He tied on a jig and a yellow plastic twister-tail grub, and impaled a leech on the hook. His presentation was basic. He’d pitch the jig into a gap between pads and reel it back with only a slight swimming movement. His first fish was a 12-inch (30.5 cm) perch. My fashion­ defying partner threw it in the livewell and was soon back at it.

Pike Fishing Magazine | Fishing Tips & Tricks | Ontario OUT of DOORS
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Identifying walleye, sauger, pickerel, and pike

If you find yourself tripping over the terms walleye, sauger, pickerel, and pike, you’re not alone. For starters, here in Ontario we interchange…

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Diesel spill contained on Lake Erie creek

Wildlife was not affected by an approximately 95-litre diesel fuel spill at Imperial Oil’s Nanticoke refinery Sunday night, a Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks spokesperson told The Hamilton Spectator on Tuesday.

swing jigs - bait

Swing-jig walleye

Big on the bass scene, swing jigs can be just as good for walleye. Here are some of their advantages, along with a few proven presentations for ‘eyes.