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walleye on a green lure
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Going green for walleye

Fishing a greenish bait gives me confidence on many waterbodies. Logically, I know it matches many types of walleye forage.

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Walleye survey sets hatch record

Lake Erie walleye survey numbers set a new hatch record for 2021, the fourth consecutive strong year for the fishery.

a black bear amongst the dandelions
Solunar Calendar
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May 2022 solunar calendar

The solunar calendar for May 2022 is now available! Get the dates and times when fish and wildlife will be most active this month.

an angler peers into the river
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Sight fishing 101

Highly visible fish are often wary; let’s look at sight fishing and how it differs between lakes and rivers.

walleye on a hook
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Looking at horizontal jigging basics

There is a time and place for rod holders when trolling; whether short or long-lining, pumping the rod can trigger walleye to bite.

Walnut & thyme crusted walleye
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Walnut and thyme-crusted walleye

This crunchy, flavourful coating will work with any flaky white-fleshed fish. Serve with a squeeze of citrus and some homemade tartar sauce.

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Fly fishing Esnagami Wilderness Lodge

Esnagami Wilderness Lodge is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a comfortable lodge and world-class fishing.

a walleye on ice
Ice Fishing
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Icing walleye on a new lake

The next time you ice fish a new lake, consider these practices and tips that I’ve learned through experience.

an icy walleye in the hand of a guy
Ice Fishing
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Top picks for walleye

Discover Walleye columnist Tim Allard’s top gear picks for icing ‘eyes on the hardwater scene, from bait to rods, lines to electronics.