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All tracks lead to spring

All tracks lead to spring. There is still snow on the ground in this part of the province. And, as I peck at these keys, turkey season is less than a month away and closing fast.. Those two thoughts converged in my mind seconds after I noticed a set of turkey tracks in the snow just down the road from my place.

Spring splake
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Ice out spring splake

Ontario is dotted with lakes stocked with splake. These hard fighting, great eating fish provide excellent angling opportunities, particularly early in the springtime. Combining the right location with the right presentation will get results.

turkey quiz 2017
Wild Turkey
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Turkey Quiz 2017 – Are you ready for the hunt?

Whether or not turkey season is around the corner it’s always a good time to brush up on your knowledge. So step up and let’s see how prepared you are for the coming season.

Gord - joy of spring
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The joy of spring

To most anglers, spring is the best time of the year. The air is fresh, the rivers are flowing, and fish are on the move.

spring bear hunt is back
Big Game
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Spring bear hunt back for 2015

Province enters second stage of two-year project

Rub area
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Getting an early jump on the deer hunt

There are steps you can take in spring to be ready for fall

Spring turkey hunt
Wild Turkey
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What to consider when taking a jake

It’s nice to have options when you’re on the hunt

Boat battery charger
Guns & Gear
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Taking charge out on the water

A guide to battery charger basics for boaters

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Timely tactics to tackle toothy beasts

The gars of spring