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Fishing hot spells and cold fronts

Prepare for a heatwave or a cold front by learning how to fish for bass in each weather condition. Note these tactics for changing weather.

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Pork power

The return of a classic jig trailer. Consider replacing your plastic baits to pork, bringing back an old-school method.

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Catching Canadian Shield smallmouth

An aggressive species with a big appetite, smallmouth bass can be caught in a wide variety of ways and range of habitats.

Jeff Gustafson Bassmaster Classic
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Gustafson first Canadian to win Bassmaster Classic

BASS Elite pro Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson offered a rather Canadian comparison after winning the Super Bowl of bass fishing.

Tim Allard smallmouth
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Traversing The Bronzeback Corridor for smallmouth

Traversing the giant smallmouth wonderland of eastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River will reward anglers.

a large bass weighed on a table
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Possible record bass caught in Lake Erie

A massive smallmouth bass caught in Lake Erie in Canadian waters near Pelee Island by an Ohio angler might be a new Ontario record.

Woman Fishing On Dock
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Dock fishing 101

Docks are a wonderful place to fish, whether you are a seasoned angler or brand new to the pursuit, providing many cherished memories.

Scott McGuigan holding Lake St. Clair walleye
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Lake St. Clair: a fishery on fire

Change a few lyrics around and Alicia Keys’ anthem hit, “Girl on Fire” could easily be an ode to the great fishing happening on Lake St. Clair.

flashed up swimbait for smallmouth
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Customizing paddle tails

Although effective right out of the package, learning how to modify swimbaits is well worth the effort.