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aggressive coyote killed
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Aggressive coyote killed in south Ottawa

A coyote suspected of attacking three people in the Riverside South suburb of Ottawa was shot and killed by an Ottawa Police Services officer on June 12.

rabies cases - surveillance map feature size
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Rabies cases on downswing but not under control

Wildlife experts working to eradicate rabies in southern Ontario are breathing a small sigh of relief as they see the number of confirmed cases slowly drop from the skyrocketing levels of 2016.

raccoon in tree
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Rabies vaccine bait dropped near Ontario-U.S. borders

Rabies Info – Freezing does not kill the virus in dead animals – Rabies is almost always fatal – If you encounter a rabid animal you are encouraged to call Telehealth Ontario 1-888-797-0000 – Pre-exposure rabies vaccine is not covered by OHIP – According to Public Health Canada 24 people have died of rabies in […]