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mild ice fishing conditions from a shoreline
Ice Fishing
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Ice fishing a bust on great lakes

Warmer-than-normal and in some cases, record-setting temperatures, led to a poor ice fishing season on big water.

Fish And Rod On Rock
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Ensuring your fish tastes great

Factors such as temperature, stress, and dispatch method could be preventing your fish from tasting its best. Here’s why and what you can do.

An ominous hazard sign looks out among the ice huts
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Ice hut removal deadlines draw near

The Ontario Conservation Officers Association (OCOA) is once again reminding anglers to plan the removal of their ice huts.

a crappie from the ice
Ice Fishing
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Observing winter crappies from pothole lakes

Winter crappie fishing is as much about charming and finessing as it is about having the grit and muster to find fish, despite harshness.

an ice angler checking a tip up
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Solid water safety

First ice provides great action, but the urge to get out must be tempered with a fundamental awareness of ice safety.

shaun stratford bear
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Bear of a lifetime taken

Shaun Stratford sat with his back against the huge bear he had just shot and recovered, while the momentousness of the occasion began to sink in. There, in the dark boreal forest near his bear bait site, he became emotional.

Ice Fishing
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Pros offer 98 ice fishing tips, tricks, and tidbits

Here are a collection of truths, shortcuts, tactical tips, and lessons learned from first and second-hand ice fishing experience.

angler cutting ice fishing hole
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Cutting ice fishing holes doesn’t have to be hard

Cutting holes is a job that every angler has to do, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be the hardest.

Fly Photo
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Effective flies for fishing through the ice