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April 2023 cover Feat
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April 2023 digital issue available

OOD’s April 2023 enhanced digital issue is now available. Read yours today for the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoors content.

A Hunter loading his hunting rifle gun with magazine
Ask A CO
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Ask a CO: When hunting turkey with my shotgun, can I also take my rifle for coyotes?

This reader asks if a rifle as well as a shotgun can be taken on a hunt for multiple species, specifically, coyote as well as turkey.

Horton Vision 175 Crossbow Horizontal
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Horton Vision 175

I seldom buy on impulse. But, when I spied this cool, weird-looking crossbow in 2013 for only $599, I had to have it.

Animal Skull In Forest
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Climate change and cervids

How Ontario’s cervids – white-tailed deer, moose, elk and caribou – respond to a rapidly changing climate is of great interest to hunters.

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Saved by snowshoes

The snowshoe is one of the simplest and most effective tools you can have, and is a go-to for winter-loving anglers and hunters.

Hunting Small Game

Hunting the end of cover

In some cover hiding is easy, but I learned long ago that the end of the cover is where many make-or-break moments happen.

Buck Calling
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Drawing whitetails with sound

Whitetails can out-hear, out-smell, and outrun you. Use these tips to bring in bucks during all phases of the rut.

3 Tasty Stocks
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Making tasty broth

Broth or stocks made from animal bones are the life-blood of the culinary world. Don’t toss the bones; make these easy broths instead.

Season's End Waterfowl

Experiencing late-season waterfowl

For many hunters, the season’s end is a grand finale in which waterfowl can put on a display not seen at any other time.