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Setting up for better upland shots

For most upland grouse hunters, an ideal day afield would include many flushes — the more, the merrier, in fact. I don’t see it exactly that way.

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Score: Grouse 2, Steve 0

Around here, an early season grouse hunt tends to be an exercise in futility.

Nathan Chevrier
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Photo Friday Winner – November 4, 2016

Congratulations to our Photo Friday winner this week, Nathan Chevrier of Nepean!

grouse and morel soup
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Grouse and morel soup

This Asian-flavoured soup is a mouthwatering way to kick things off as a starter or as a meal unto itself.

Busy season
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Busy season if you hunt and fish

I’ve got broadheads to sharpen, decoys to rig, flies to tie and a few more arrows to make

grouse hunting - in hawthorns
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Grouse Hunting in the Hawthorns

Tips for getting through the thickets unscathed.

auld reekie - reekie-lodge
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Auld Reekie Lodge

Getting a swing on a thundering of grouse

top hunting stories - get grouse - hunter with dog on path
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Top hunting stories of 2013

A rundown of the most popular hunting articles in 2013.

foolproof - a grouse in a foil pan
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Foolproof foil cooking

A few pieces of heavy-duty aluminum wrap can go a long way in the outdoors.