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an angler peers into the river
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Sight fishing 101

Highly visible fish are often wary; let’s look at sight fishing and how it differs between lakes and rivers.

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Feeding trout flies to match the hatch

Trout fly selection can be a challenge, particularly during times when insects are less active, follow these strategies to stay on the fish.

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Understanding river flow

If you can properly read and understand the water of a river or stream, you are going to have a distinct advantage.

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Examining fly line design and function

To understand what fly lines suit your needs, here is a breakdown of a typical fly line, its purpose, and how it will help you present a fly.

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Carp on the fly

Most people scoff at carp. Then again, most people have never caught one. To catch them on a fly is one of fishing’s greatest challenges.

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The fundamentals of safe wading

I always try to exercise caution and good judgment when I’m wading. Here are a few tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Booby Fly
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My problem with boobies

I’ve never fished the booby fly, but I have read a lot about them. They say these flies can be deadly…

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Event held to improve fly-fishing access

Grand River fundraiser draws more than 130 fly-fishing enthusiasts

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Giving pike the love they deserve

What’s not to love about the water wolf?