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Spring 2024 digital issue available

OOD’s Spring 2024 enhanced digital issue is now available. Read yours today for the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoors content.

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Increase to black duck limits proposed

An increase in the limit of black ducks has been proposed. The limit will increase from four to six black ducks per day in some districts.


Advantages of tiller boats

There is more to this pro angler’s success than technique, tillers matter too. Read the advantages of running a tiller.


Don’t overlook these classic muskie lures

As new lure options grace shelves, these tried-and-true lures will always yield great results. These baits catch muskies right off the shelf.

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Manitoulin Island: Angling opportunities abound

The largest freshwater island, and home to 108 lakes, Manitoulin Island is an angler’s dream travel destination.

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Importing hunting trophies prohibited

Hunters pursuing elephants and rhinoceros are not allowed to import hunting trophies such as ivory or horns into Canada.

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Field testing Canada Fishing Reels’ GL1

We review Canada Fishing Reels’ GL1, which is perfect for anglers looking to troll for salmon or trout.

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Ask A CO
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Ask a CO: Can I use a second hookless line as an attractant?

Readers ask if expired outdoors cards can be shown for proof of age, if it’s legal to harvest fish for bait, and if a second line can be out while one line is in use.

close-up maw of the invasive sea lamprey
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New sea lamprey control method found

There is a new approach to control sea lamprey that could help reduce the impact of the invasive species.