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Teach your dog hand signals

They couldn’t see each other, but I could see them — the skunk and my bird dog — on a collision course on opposite sides of a little rise.


Considering kennel or couch for your gun dog

There was a time in our collective recent history when the term “house dog” was common.

hunting dog in hunter orange cape

Hunter orange protects dogs, too

Wearing hunter orange in the field is required by law to keep humans safe in the woods, but what about our dogs?

how to use collars

How to use collars to train your canine

Properly used, collars support good training. Collars are often overlooked as training equipment, which is a mistake…

garmin gun dog

Garmin enters Canadian gun dog market

Garmin International Inc. has finally introduced a legal GPS tracking device option for Canadian hound and pointing dog enthusiasts…

dog - blastomycosis
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Blastomycosis severe in the northwest

Physicians and veterinarians in northwestern Ontario warn hunters, anglers, and cottagers to be aware of blastomycosis, a rare fungal disease…

ticks - bird-dog
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Check your dogs for ticks, too

Lyme disease is serious for animals as well as humans


Getting Started in Blood Tracking

Be it a pup or seasoned hunting dog, training for blood tracking is always an option.


Shed Hunting with your Hound

A good dog makes all the difference.