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Sharing your outdoors ink

We asked our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter followers to send us pics of their outdoor tats. This was their response!

better understanding size limits
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Better understanding size limits

Why are there size limits on fish? We give you a better understanding of which fish you can keep and which need to be released.

DJ Cleland-Hura’s original art piece “Spring-Northern Pintails."
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Duck stamp announced, the pintails are back

The 2020 Canadian Wildlife Habitat conservation stamp and print will feature DJ Cleland-Hura’s original art piece “Spring-Northern Pintails.”

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New hunting regs available

The Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 online document provides information about hunting licences, fees, up-to-date regulations, and seasons for each game species.

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Are fishing and hunting seasons closed?

Outdoor enthusiasts have good reason to wonder if the COVID-19 crisis is going to impact fishing and hunting seasons in Ontario.

a deer tries to warm up after falling through ice
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Deer rescued in Port Carling

Cory Veitch, an avid outdoorsman and hunter and firearms education instructor, knew he could not ignore a struggling doe that had fallen through the ice.

a black bear ambling through the greenery
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Spring bear hunt is back

Ontario will resume its annual spring bear hunt starting in the 2021 season. In the meantime, this spring the pilot project hunt will resume its final year.

bowhunter approaching downed whitetail buck
Big Game
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Taking an animal’s life is no small thing

My hands trembled imperceptibly. My heartbeat sounded something like a ruffed grouse drumming on a distant log. My knees were more than a little shaky, too. I am always like that after the shot.

Ask A CO
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Ask a CO: Multiple muzzleloaders can be carried

Hunters can carry more than one muzzleloader, but they must be handled in a safe manner, a provincial enforcement specialist with the MNRF explains.