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bowhunter approaching downed whitetail buck
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Taking an animal’s life is no small thing

My hands trembled imperceptibly. My heartbeat sounded something like a ruffed grouse drumming on a distant log. My knees were more than a little shaky, too. I am always like that after the shot.

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Ask a CO: Multiple muzzleloaders can be carried

Hunters can carry more than one muzzleloader, but they must be handled in a safe manner, a provincial enforcement specialist with the MNRF explains.

Royal Ashburn - Boy by pond
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“Fore” the benefit of woods, water, and wildlife

A golf course is largely an expanse of shortly trimmed lawn that lacks in wildlife potential and is looked upon by most conservationists as a desert. However, almost all golf courses also have areas of rough grassland.

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2018 Migratory bird stamp

A rendition of a trio of wood ducks sitting atop a tree trunk will adorn this year’s Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp and print.

caribou relocation
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Caribou to be relocated by helicopter

Caribou are already a species at risk in the province and the numbers on Michipicoten island have declined to a worrisome level due to predation from wolves…

Stewardship Youth Rangers
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Stewardship youth rangers: the next generation

Fleming College outdoors programs on display for Stewardship Youth Rangers.

Ducks Unlimited
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DUC brings conservation program to Ontario

Program designed to increase the amount of acreage saved and preserved

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Farmed Fish Evolve to Match Wild Counterparts

Good news for conservationists.

national conservation plan logo
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Long Pond Shoreline Project gets financial boost

Funding from the second round of the Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnerships Program