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Three techniques bass anglers should master

These three casting tips are well worth the effort and will surely show a great return on your investment.

going back on raised musky
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Going back on raised fish

If at first you don’t succeed – should you try again by going back on raised musky? When a spot is hot, it’s hot for consecutive days running.

fly casting
Fly Fishing
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Fly fishing lesson: track your way to better casting

During the years I taught fly casting, I noticed a common trait among learners. Most had a difficult time tracking a straight line with their arm outside their body. My simple test of this ability…

Girl on a beach fishing
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Photo Friday Winner – June 12

Casting for fish at the family cabin

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Master Your Cast

Go further and hit your target with these tips.

money tactics - father son fishing from shore
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Money tactics for fishing off the bank

You don’t need a boat to catch fish.