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a fallen turkey in the grass
Wild Turkey
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Doubling down on turkey town

A double on turkeys is quite a feat, but ensure you do it safely. If you miss, just sit tight, it’s not the end of the world, or your day.

a hooked lake trout
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Lake trout may hold key to aging

Ontario research has found that lakers might get better with age, as senescence may not be universally observed throughout all species.

a bunch of shiny balloons
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Balloons cause concern on Lake Erie

Though balloons usually mean happy times, sometimes the sight of them is no cause for celebration.

Caribou cuties wading out into a river
Big Game
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What constitutes a species?

What species is that? It’s a phrase we often hear. Unfortunately, and all too often, the answer provided is wrong, or only partially correct.

a mosquito feeds
Ask An Expert
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Ask an expert: Can biting insects transmit COVID-19?

An expert from Peterborough’s Trent University answers the question, “Can mosquitoes or other biting insects, like black flies, transmit the coronavirus that causes COVID-19?”

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Researcher working to cure “beaver fever”

There may someday be a cure for giardiasis – a common intestinal infection known for causing prolonged diarrhea, stomach cramps and fatigue frequently referred to as ‘beaver fever’ – thanks to the research of an Ontario scientist.