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Is deer liver safe?

Is deer liver safe to eat? Read what experts have to say and if people around the world find it safe to consume.

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Making your own ghillie suit

Hide from your prey better and blend in with your surroundings by building your own cloak of invisibility. Here’s how.

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Gunning for long bills

If you like wing shooting, it’s worth the effort to find some woodcock. Hunt for them this fall with these tips on location, retrieving, and more.

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2023-2024 Hunting Annual available

OOD’s Hunting Annual 2023 enhanced digital issue is now available. Read yours today for the latest hunting, fishing, and outdoors content.

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What’s the deal with short magnums?

Magnum cartridges are simply big cartridges with more powder. Bullets are often the same that are used with regular brass. Hunters like magnums for their extra knock-down, killing power.

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Learning from the master moose caller

Teijo Villa of Thunder Bay is one of the masters of Ontario Moose hunting. I’m amazed by his incredible depth of knowledge about moose and his ability to put people in close contact with giants.

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Follow the basics to outsmart big bucks

The whitetail buck is the most challenging — and occasionally infuriating — of the big game species to hunt.

a buck pursues a doe
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Following bucks through the seasons

Whitetail bucks cover a lot of ground during the year, and even throughout a hunt. Here’s how to follow bucks as their desires change.

bowhunter approaching downed whitetail buck
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Taking an animal’s life is no small thing

My hands trembled imperceptibly. My heartbeat sounded something like a ruffed grouse drumming on a distant log. My knees were more than a little shaky, too. I am always like that after the shot.