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Working offshore for bass

Deep water holds the biggest warm-weather bronzebacks. Here’s how to find them, and get more of them in your boat.

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Fishing hot spells and cold fronts

Prepare for a heatwave or a cold front by learning how to fish for bass in each weather condition. Note these tactics for changing weather.

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Pork power

The return of a classic jig trailer. Consider replacing your plastic baits to pork, bringing back an old-school method.

Ray July 2022
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Going deep with crankbaits

In the age of finesse fishing, working big-lipped baits down deep by hand seems like a dying art form, taken over by drop-shotting, and more.

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Catching Canadian Shield smallmouth

An aggressive species with a big appetite, smallmouth bass can be caught in a wide variety of ways and range of habitats.

Jim McLaughlin FEAT
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McLaughlin honoured by Hall of Fame

“Big Jim” McLaughlin is the latest recipient of the Bass Fishing Hall of Fame (BFHOF)’s Meritorious Service Award.

Shallow Crankbaits
Ask An Expert
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Ask an expert: how do I get better at using crankbaits?

Fishing and hunting guide, tournament angler, and outdoor writer Jeff “Gussy” Gustafson gives some tips for using crankbaits.

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Winter fishing getaway to Florida

One of the best things about competing in the Bassmaster Elite Series is hooking up my boat in late January and heading to Florida.

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Don’t pose with bass during catch-and-release season, MNRF reminds

Angling community leaders have a better understanding of regulation changes for smallmouth and largemouth bass in FMZ 20 after a recent virtual meeting with Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) representatives.