From must–have tackle to safe release, Ontario OUT of DOORS experts share their muskie knowledge.

Using big suckers for muskie

by Ben Beattie | August 21, 2023

Using live bait for muskie is a tradition that spans generations of angling. Strategies and equipment evolved, one fact remains: muskies eat live suckers.

Muskie Killer

Speed spinning for muskie

by JP Bushey | March 9, 2023

Very few things in muskie fishing are set in stone. However, high-speed fishing, especially trolling, works.

Man Holding A Muskie Fish

Catching summer muskie

by Ben Beattie | August 18, 2022

Find weeds, find muskie. That simple truth is the basis for Ben Beattie's summertime guiding strategy.

Rowan Lake: a fly-in muskie adventure

by Alyssa Lloyd | August 9, 2021

After watching my angling partners cast before making my own, I glanced down at my bucktail in time to catch a flash of white. The fish missed, but just as I planned to do a figure-8, it swiped again. This time, I wasn’t asleep at the wheel.

Finding muskie in transition

by Ben Beattie | July 14, 2021

During every muskie season, there's a period when it's no longer summer but it’s not really quite fall, either.

Catching muskie fever

by Gord Ellis | May 11, 2021

The strange attraction and appeal of muskie fishing is difficult to explain to a normal person. A large part of that is catching huge fish.

going back on raised musky

Going back on raised fish

by Ben Beattie | August 7, 2020

If at first you don't succeed - should you try again by going back on raised musky? When a spot is hot, it’s hot for consecutive days running.

angler holding giant muskie in boat

Avoiding muskie mistakes

by Ben Beattie | November 14, 2019

Muskie are known as the fish of 10,000 casts, and for good reason — they’re hard to catch. Even when things go well, there is a thin margin between being a “zero” and a “hero.” When catching just one fish is the measure of success, even a small mistake can lead to failure and heartbreak.

muskie fishing in the Canadian Shield

Muskie fishing in the Canadian Shield

by JP Bushey | July 18, 2019

When muskie fishing in the Canadian Shield - where some of the best muskie water on earth is found - it's as simple as working rocks, weeds, and depth.