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researching guns

Researching your guns

by Ken Doherty | January 29, 2024

Firearms expert Ken Doherty compiles some helpful ways to research your guns – through some sleuthing of your own, or external help.

The brief life of NAACO

by Bill Klassen | January 23, 2024

A short-lived Toronto company was shuttered after partnering with the CIA and allegedly supplying arms to Latin America countries.

Brush-busting revisited

by Linda K. Miller & Keith A. Cunningham | September 29, 2023

Is it true that heavy bullets are great at cutting through cover? Gel blocks reveal more facts on shooting through cover.

Backlog in firearms renewal eliminated

by Jeff Helsdon | September 11, 2023

The backlog in renewal of firearms licenses is under control after delays in processing applications due to COVID-19.

Rod holders: Modern solutions for line draggers

by Ben Beattie | August 3, 2023

There are many advantages to having rod holders. They are invaluable when fishing with kids and more. Consider these notes before buying them.

Recoil dynamics

by Jason Livingston | July 20, 2023

Firearm recoil can be painful and alarming. So, what causes it, why do people dread it and, what can be done about it?

Adventuring in Finland

by Ray Blades | June 21, 2023

Editor Ray Blades visited Finland where he toured the historic port city, saw presentations on the new Sako rifles, and hunted.

rifle Ray

Changes have come slowly

by Ray Blades | May 15, 2023

Major changes have come slowly in the hunting rifle industry. But the refinements, they have been amazing.

gun buyback collage

First stage of buyback moving ahead

by Jeff Helsdon | May 5, 2023

The first stage of the buyback of what the government calls “military-style assault rifles” will involve industry and retailers.