Whether you’re new to the world of fly fishing or a seasoned pro, Ontario OUT of DOOR’S experts share their know-how for every skill level.

Adams Dry Fly

The Adams family

by Dan Kennaley | June 1, 2012

After almost a century, the trout world’s most ubiquitous pattern is still going strong and multiplying.


Fly fishing and the Group of Seven

by Dan Kennaley | April 1, 2012

Matching the hatch before their time.

fly fishing tips - man fly fishing in a stream

Fly fishing tips for bass anglers

by Dan Kennaley | May 1, 2009

Catching bass on the surface by fly fishing involves two strategies. One involves imitating insects such as damselflies, mayflies, and caddis flies. The other revolves around hard-head bugs, such as poppers, similar flies, and hair bugs.

Rade caught this 9.5 pound steelhead on a homemade stone fly in Bowmanville Creek this past week. “It was a hard day of fishing. I caught a couple small guys and then that big one hit when I wasn't paying attention,” he said.

Photo Friday - December 6

by Editorial Staff | December 6, 2008

He caught this steelhead when he "wasn't paying attention."

Broderick Buttineau - PhotoFriday-April25

Photo Friday - April 25

by Editorial Staff | April 25, 2008

Catching rainbows on a spring day.