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Get more from your rangefinder

by Tim Watts | August 10, 2021

bows with higher let-off to carbon-fibre arrows, technology in the archery industry has grown immensely over the last few years.

Insights for choosing your first bow

by Jeff Kavanagh | July 22, 2021

A gun hunter can take advantage of the longer archery season with a bow that feels like a rifle without the long learning curve of a vertical bow.

Lessons learned from bowhunting wild turkey

by Tim Watts | April 21, 2021

Most hunters choose to hunt turkeys with a shotgun, some choose to up the challenge by hunting these amazing birds with archery gear.

Letting go of with release aids, an archer sets up

Letting go with release aids

by Tim Watts | November 3, 2020

Archery is a game of human consistency. Archers who choose to shoot with a release aid are trying to minimize human error - here's how.

Pulling strings in a field

Pulling strings with bowhunting

by Daniel Majerus | November 3, 2020

Making the move to compound bow hunting while taking notes on practice and technique from some of the best archers in Ontario.

Bow Hunting Magazine Canada | Bow Hunting Tips and Tricks

4 Steps to keep your bow in top shape

by Paul McCarney | September 26, 2017

In addition to regular practice, it’s important to be sure your equipment is functioning properly. Here are steps you should take before heading out to ensure your bow is ready.

Bow Hunting Magazine Canada | Bow Hunting Tips and Tricks

Arrows: seeking the best possible flight

by Editorial Staff | October 14, 2015

A savvy tuner will know when inadequate fletching is indicated

Adventures in Bear Country

Belles, bows, and bears

by April Scott-Clarke | May 17, 2015

Adventures in Bear Country, not your typical girls' getaway

Man with rangefinder

Make better use of your rangefinder

by Nigel Read | January 15, 2015

How to use a great tool more effectively