Kick your bowhunting up a ‘notch’ with Ontario OUT of DOORS expert advice and tips.

Choose the right rest

by Tim Watts | December 13, 2023

With many arrow rests on the market, it's difficult to choose one that’s right for you. Drop-away, full-capture, launcher rests offer different advantages.

Tension trials in archery

by Jeff Kavanagh | August 23, 2023

Getting and maintaining back tension while bowhunting is the most important fundamental to learn in archery for success and consistency.

Holding A Bow

Aiming methods for traditional archery

by Jeff Kavanagh | October 21, 2022

There are so many different traditional archery styles and methods to aim, which the average person just getting started might not realize.

Bowhunting Aim

Extending your range

by Tim Watts | September 30, 2022

Archery equipment is better than ever. If you become proficient, there is no reason why you cannot extend your current range.

Tim Watts Bowhunting Example

Swapping arrow tips

by Tim Watts | September 8, 2022

Bowhunting columnist Tim Watts discusses why field points don't shoot like broadheads, and how to close the gap.

Man Holding Bow & Arrow

Fixing common archery blunders

by Jeff Kavanagh | August 10, 2022

Many people make archery more complicated than necessary. Here are some simple tips to avoid some of the most common shooting faults.

tim watts victory

OOD columnist wins archery gold medals

by Steve Galea | August 3, 2022

OOD Bowhunting Columnist Tim Watts won three gold medals at Archery Canada’s recent Canadian National Archery Championships.

3 pin sight

Choosing a hunting bow sight

by Tim Watts | December 17, 2021

Choosing a new sight for your hunting bow can be a little intimidating. How do you decide what features you need and want?

Discover the fun and freedom of old-school bowhunting

by Jeff Kavanagh | October 13, 2021

I had to watch every step I took through the thick grass, reeds, and bulrushes. I was making my way alongside the meandering stream in the lush flats below the beaver dam.