What to do with a broken arrow

by Steve Galea | April 14, 2015

broken arrowA couple of days ago, I ‘Robin-Hooded’ an arrow. For those who don’t use bows, this means I shot one arrow into my target and hit where I was aiming, and then shot a second arrow at that same point and split the first.
Steve Galea
I was shooting traditionally (off the shelf, using no sights) with my 55-pound long bow. The target was 17 yards away, which I’ve always considered prime hunting range with my bow.

Though this is a blogworthy event, most experienced archers have achieved a Robin Hood at least once. Some are so proud of these shots that they hang the joined arrows up on their wall. Why? Because it proves that at that point in your archery history, your form was completely flawless. Or that you had the same identically flawed form for two consecutive shots. Either way, no one is going to know the difference.

I’ve achieved Robin Hoods with a compound bow and crossbow in the past. This was my only my second with a long bow, however. And I’ve got to admit I was proud.
So I left my backyard target range and took the still connected arrows into the house to show Jenn.

“Have a look at this,” I yelled.

I mean what woman wouldn’t swoon at the sight of a Robin Hood?

Admittedly, I was trying to impress her. I mean what woman wouldn’t swoon at the sight of a Robin Hood? After all, it indicates that the archer who shot it could, if need be, swing from nearby ropes, save her from an evil sheriff and most probably do it while looking good in tights.

Have I mentioned Jenn is generally pretty good at humouring me?

But, this time, her reaction was unexpected.

“Oh no, you ruined an arrow…” she declared.

“Two actually….” I muttered.

“Oh well…” she said as she returned to reading her book.

Suddenly, the downside of Robin Hoods reared its ugly head. Replacing those two carbon shafts would cost somewhere in the neighbourhood of $25.

No big deal for Robin Hood. All he had to do was rob a rich person. But these days that’s frowned upon. Which meant I would have to pay for it myself.

So if you are reading this blog and wondering why I wrote about this event rather than the ins and outs of scouting for turkey, now you know.

Don’t be too disappointed though. Hey, who else is going to bring you a broken arrow? Aside from Robbie Robertson I mean.