From deer, moose, and bear to butchering your harvest, the experts at Ontario OUT of DOORS have you covered on your big game hunt.

Sizing up bears

by Scott McGuigan | June 15, 2023

Judging the size of bears can be tricky. Many hunters have been disappointed at the size of their harvest. Learn how to size them with these tips.

Silence your box

Silence your box

by Tom Armstrong | May 18, 2023

A box call can produce a lot of turkey calls, and unwanted ones in your pocket ― a squeaking or screeching that can be a deal breaker.

white-tailed deer running through snow

Pelee deer cull

by Steve Galea | March 2, 2023

Point Pelee National Park was closed to visitors from Jan. 6 to 20 as a safety measure while its annual deer cull took place.

Animal Skull In Forest

Climate change and cervids

by Bruce Ranta | January 31, 2023

How Ontario's cervids - white-tailed deer, moose, elk and caribou - respond to a rapidly changing climate is of great interest to hunters.

Buck Calling

Drawing whitetails with sound

by Al Davy | January 6, 2023

Whitetails can out-hear, out-smell, and outrun you. Use these tips to bring in bucks during all phases of the rut.

Abandoned House

Hunting from forgotten blinds

by Bruce Ranta | October 17, 2022

Find an old, abandoned farmhouse, or other building, somewhere out in deer country, to use as a blind that time forgot.

stalking deer in woods

The art of deer stalking

by Bruce Ranta | September 22, 2022

Learning how to move around in the forest, while seeing deer and creating shooting opportunities is what makes for good woodland deer stalking.

Examining deer in a landscape of fear

by Dr. Keith Munro | August 31, 2022

Dr. Keith Munro’s thesis was designed to examine if deer behaviour in the landscape of fear could be used to manage deer more efficiently.

a late-season buck peeking

Sizing-up trophy antlers

by Sarah Snetsinger | June 9, 2022

I set out to learn if harvesting large white-tailed deer with impressive antlers reduces the number of large deer in future generations.