From deer, moose, and bear to butchering your harvest, the experts at Ontario OUT of DOORS have you covered on your big game hunt.
Moose decoy

DIY moose decoy

by Editorial Staff | October 5, 2018

This great DIY project was submitted by one of our readers, Grant Morgan from Stayner. The decoy fits in a large freezer bag and weighs just a couple of pounds.

deer property

DIYs to improve your deer property

by Angelo Lombardo | June 19, 2018

The most exciting part about my rural home is that I can hunt and live there. Here are some tools and strategies I’m using to ensure its deer property too

deer hunting

6 Deer hunting reminders to keep in your sights

by April Scott-Clarke | November 8, 2017

As rifle season opens for deer hunters across the province, visions of venison steaks and stews can start to make the mind wander. Before you head to camp or pull the trigger, glance over these safety tips and regulation reminders to keep yourself focused, safe, and within the rules.


Moment of hunting reverence

by Steve Galea | June 8, 2017

Taking an animal’s life is no small thing. It is an act as irreversible as it is absolute... How can you not show reverence?

shed hunting

Everything you always wanted to know about shed hunting

by Justin Hoffman | March 30, 2017

Shed hunting isn't an exact science, but knowing the when and where will up your odds when it comes to locating discarded bone.

moving deer

Six ways to transport deer in a pinch

by Jeff Helsdon | October 26, 2016

Here are some innovations for moving deer we have used over the years...

Food plot thought

Food plot for thought

by April Scott-Clarke | September 7, 2016

We thought having a large food plot would give us open area where deer could stop on their way to the larger fields. Having 12 acres, we want to make the most of them.

shot placement

The vitals of shot placement

by Alex Gouthro | June 30, 2016

Proper shot placement is key for a humane kill. We rank the best shots for gun and bow hunters.


Butcher your deer: A complete guide

by Steve Galea | June 28, 2016

OOD's Steve Galea breaks down butchering so you can do it yourself.