Whether you prefer to target smallmouth bass or largemouth bass Ontario OUT of DOORS has the expert tips and advice to reel them in.

Tim Allard smallmouth

Traversing The Bronzeback Corridor for smallmouth

by Tim Allard | February 28, 2023

Traversing the giant smallmouth wonderland of eastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River will reward anglers.

Justin Hoffman July 2003 FEAT

Tackling the pads for bass

by Justin Hoffman | July 14, 2022

Learn the intricacies of probing pad beds and discover what's lurking below. These bass provide first-rate excitement and bragging rights.

Luigi de Rose and high-water bass

Fishing high-water bass

by Luigi De Rose | June 15, 2022

Fishing during a flood wasn’t as easy as I expected. Finding the most productive bass areas is the key to a good day on the water.

flashed up swimbait for smallmouth

Customizing paddle tails

by Luigi De Rose | March 15, 2022

Although effective right out of the package, learning how to modify swimbaits is well worth the effort.

Winter fishing getaway to Florida

by Jeff Gustafson | December 30, 2021

One of the best things about competing in the Bassmaster Elite Series is hooking up my boat in late January and heading to Florida.

smallmouth thumb

Strategies for catching elusive smallmouth

by Tim Allard | August 23, 2021

Chinwag with smallmouth specialists and you can bet your favourite soft plastic they’ll tell you bass become conditioned to angling pressure.

bass with crayfish

Everything eats crayfish

by Gord Ellis | July 28, 2021

The crayfish is one of the most unusual and fascinating creatures that lives in freshwater. More or less a mini-lobster, this crustacean is a formidable creature to handle.

Three techniques bass anglers should master

by Luigi De Rose | July 16, 2021

These three casting tips are well worth the effort and will surely show a great return on your investment.

Add appeal to store-bought lures

by Luigi De Rose | July 2, 2021

If the bite has slowed to a crawl, a change may be in order. The quickest way to spice things up is by adding a hint of colour to your baits. Here are some of my favourite ways to customize.