Ask a CO: Can I use a second hookless line as an attractant?

by Editorial Staff | March 7, 2024
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Q: Where only one line is permitted for fishing, can I have a second line out if it doesn’t have any hooks attached? For example, a second line to jig a flashy spoon as an attractant?

Jeff Dano, Bancroft

A: Yes, you could use a second line to jig a an attractant while using another line that has hooks attached, in waters where only one line is permitted. A line that has no hooks or other devices attached to enable catching a fish would not be considered fishing and therefore would not be considered unlawful.

Q: Once an individual reaches age 65, they no longer are required to purchase a fishing licence, but must carry proof of age. Would an expired Outdoors Card be acceptable as proof of age since it has birthdate on it?

Pat Sheridan, Essa Township

A: Yes. The Outdoors Card was issued to the person by the Government of Ontario. It includes the person’s name and date of birth, so it meets the regulated requirement.

Q: Is it legal to harvest carp or suckers for fertilizer or bait?

Graham Marshall, Welland

A: It is illegal to catch, fish for, or take fish for the purpose of converting the fish into fertilizer. Furthermore, it is illegal for fishermen to permit the flesh of fish that they have caught to spoil if the fish are suitable for human consumption.

However, it is legal to harvest some fish for use as bait; 48 species of fish are set out in the Ontario Fishery Regulations, 2007 as baitfish (Part 2 of Schedule 1), including some species of sucker, for example, white sucker. Baitfish species may be used as bait, whether live or dead (note that waterbody-specific regulations may be in place restricting use of various types of bait). Carp, however, are not baitfish and may not be used live as bait.

Anglers may only harvest baitfish (and leeches) for use as bait in the bait management zone where their primary residence is located (see pages 18-20 of the recreational fishing regulations summary for details). If they wish to use baitfish or leeches for bait in a bait management zone other than the one where their primary residence is located, they must purchase the bait in that zone and be able to produce a legible receipt documenting the bait purchase.

ANSWERS BY: Brenda Koenig and David Critchlow, Provincial Enforcement Specialists, MNRF

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Originally published in Ontario OUT of DOORS’ 2023 Fishing Annual 

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