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DIY fishing hack: build a float

by Luigi De Rose | May 22, 2018

Making your own floats is a great DIY project that will provide you with customized floats you won’t find at your local tackle shop. Check out these step-by-step instructions and how-to video!

DIY trout fishing hack: cured eggs

by Luigi De Rose | April 17, 2018

Making your own gear has it rewards, especially when a fresh chrome trout yanks it down. Check out these step-by-step instructions for DIY cured eggs that will be sure to put a trout on your line.

Tips to catch those last chance lakers

by Ben Beattie | March 13, 2017

The end of winter may be just around the corner, but the best ice fishing of the season isn't over. Late ice means great weather and hungry lakers across Ontario’s ice belt.

Quiz: Name that trout lure

by Megan McPhaden | July 28, 2016

Think you have what it takes? Test your lure knowledge.

To tie or not to tie

by Lyle Gayder | May 3, 2016

A longstanding debate amongst trout fisherman is whether pre-tying spawn sacs before fishing is better than tying individual sacs “on-the-go”.

Tips for better steelheading

by Mike Borger | December 3, 2014

Float fishing for steelhead with a centrepin reel is both incredibly effective and highly addictive.

9 ways to put more steelhead on the bank

by Mike Borger | April 30, 2014

Off-the-wall tactics every angler should try.

Biggest brown trout ever

by Jeff Helsdon | October 16, 2013

A New Zealand brown trout was declared the new world record on July 26.

Summer trout secrets

by Gord Ellis | July 12, 2013

Dog days can be great days.