Top fishing stories of 2013

by Editorial Staff | December 23, 2013
fishing stories - Photo by John Bennett

Photo by John Bennett

No matter the season — winter, spring, summer or fall — there are always angling opportunities in Ontario. Whether you’re new to fishing, or consider yourself a pro, these articles are sure to provide at least a couple of new tools to add to your tackle box.

Here’s a list of the most popular fishing articles on in 2013.

  1. 10 great trout lures
  2. Spoons for Great Lake salmon and trout
  3. Top-notch fishing on Lake Erie
  4. A history of Ontario steelhead
  5. The only 3 muskie baits you need
  6. 3 knots for fluorocarbon
  7. Jig and pig? Best bass bait
  8. Bass hideouts: 4 dock alternatives
  9. Carp advanced ledger rigs
  10. Tips for cashing in on smallmouths
  11. 2014 ice hut rundown
  12. Tip-up tricks for pike
  13. 10 ice tips you’ve never heard

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