Top 10 stories of 2021

by Editorial Staff | December 31, 2021
OOD covers from 2021

Time to look back on some of the best hunting, fishing, and outdoors news as we shelf another year. Whether communicating regulation changes or federal firearms updates, OOD is committed to keeping readers up on the latest.

Here are the 10 most popular stories on from 2021:

1. Minor fishing reg changes in 2021

a fall bass

2. New hunting reg changes for 2021

cover of 2021 hunting regulations summary

3. DIY: bear hide tanning in 5 easy steps

bear hide drying on wooden stool

4. No immediate outdoor fire ban in 2021

a fire

5. Firearms buyback program moves ahead


6. Deer EHD outbreak confirmed

a deer crouching in the bush

7. The seasons of hunting

a hunter in a pretty wood

8. Province hiring 25 Conservation Officers

Ontario logo

9. Details to firearms program announced

a rifle with a detachable magazine

10. RCMP union questions firearms buyback

National Police Federation logo

Honourable mentions:

Ammunition shortage in Canada

Common shotguns unaffected by firearms ban feds say

Why wild pigs should not be hunted in Ontario

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