Top 10 articles of 2018

by Emily Convery | December 21, 2018

2018 seems to have come and gone in a flash! As we draw near to 2019, it’s always fun to take a look back at what piqued your interest this year. There were many breaking new stories and a couple of perennial favourites.

Here are the ten most popular articles on over the course of 2018:

1) Cormorant hunt in the works – click here to read

2) MNRF releases details on licensing and regulation changes – click here to readlicensing

3) MNRF moose-draw result error causes confusion – click here to read
moose draw

4) CWD found in Quebec, sections closed – click here to read

5) Don’t wait to buy hunting licences – click here to readhunting licences

6) RCMP might be in contempt of Parliament over Bill C-71 – click here to readRCMP

7) Sweeping changes proposed to hunting and fishing licensing proceeding – click here to read

8) Moose draw system coming under review – click here to read
moose draw

9) Best water bets for 20+pound pike – click here to read
best water - man holding a monster pike

10) Hunter orange: The do’s and don’ts – click here to read

legal hunter orange

Stay tuned for so more outdoors news and great content in 2019!

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  1. Wendell Stevens wrote: I definitely think a Cormorant hunt is necessary because since they have moved into our area at the cabin the fishing has gone right in the sewer when it used to be fairly productive fisheries and one small island is completely devoid of vegetation from their poop. Also when they fly by they take ten minutes before they are done flying by and sound like a heavy rain when they land out in front,there are hundreds and hundreds if not more of them in our area.
  2. James Resmer wrote: We need a cormorant hunt they have exploded in size. They have ruined a few islands with there droppings just to many. Where did they come from they are depleting our fisheries big time. They sit on lake Dore and eat all day hundreds of them. Ruined golden lake islands everybody wants a cull