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Marking Waterfowler Heritage Days

An introductory hunting opportunity for Ontario youth

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Teach Your Hunting Pooch Direction

Essential exercises for any duck or upland dog.

ducks - a red breasted merganser in the water
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U.S. ducks on Great Lakes starving in brutal winter

The Niagara River corridor from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario is renowned as a spectacular winter haven for hundreds of thousands of water birds. But this year’s bitterly cold season has made it notable for something else: dead ducks. Biologists say carcasses began piling up by the hundreds in early January after the plunging temperatures […]

water - man with firearm

Q&A: Discharging a firearm on water

When waterfowl hunting on water, how far do you need to be from waterfront homes or cottages in order to discharge a firearm? Does it depend on…

attitude - goose decoy in a field

Hunting geese with attitude

How to hunt high-pressure geese.

three Bs - Man sitting in a blind on the beach

The three Bs of waterfowling

Boats, blinds and bullrushes — tips for a successful hunt.


Getting Started in Goose Hunting

If you’re new to goose hunting, you’re going to need a few important things.

hunting honkers

Proven Tactics for Field Hunting Honkers

There’s never been a better time to be a waterfowler. We reap the benefits of the robo duck and layout-blind revolutions, as well as a surge in duck numbers. But, most of all, we enjoy a huge increase in Canada geese.

follow - birds flying in a v shape

Follow the Birds: Ontario’s Flyways

For millennia, generation after generation of birds have followed the same routes for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles from breeding grounds to wintering areas in the fall. And the journey is repeated again in spring. Scientists have never completely solved this mystery of nature. The belief, though, is that geographic landmarks, magnetic fields, and the […]