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Herd immunity stopped avian cholera in eiders

A Carleton University study released in January detailed how herd immunity was instrumental in stopping avian cholera from devastating the largest breeding population of northern common eiders in the Canadian Arctic, on Mitivik Island in Nunavut.

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Brighton to debate Sunday hunting

The Municipality of Brighton is once again debating whether or not to amend a Sunday gun hunting ban that has been in effect since 2003.

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Moving forward with Matt Morson

Demand for the rural Ontario musician Matt Morson grows, as he has become an increasingly familiar face on the Canadian summer fair circuit.

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Ask a CO: Are detachable magazines allowed when shotgun hunting?

Ask a CO takes Ontario OUT of DOORS readers’ questions and utilizes the knowledge of Conservation Officers to find the answers.

female mallard in flight
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Flight feathers tell a story

Researchers can now get a better sense of where waterfowl originated from by studying birds’ flight feathers.

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DUC acquires St. Luke’s Marsh

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has acquired St. Luke’s Marsh, one of the few remaining coastal wetlands on Lake St. Clair.

pan seared duck breast
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Pan-seared mallard breast

A rustically seasoned, succulent duck breast served over a creamy squash puree is the perfect late fall, or winter meal.

How to hunt cormorants, featuring a roost filled with waterfowl, overlooking some water
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How to hunt cormorants

Ontario’s new cormorant hunt is welcome news to anglers, hunters, and recreational boaters, as well as shoreline property owners.

ducks on the surface of water
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The duck “web”

Bob Bailey shares insights from countless hours of observing how migratory ducks behave and communicate within their flocks.