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Different Kinds Of Knives
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Key processing tools for wild game and fish

OOD Food Editor Andrew Rochon talks processing tools and how to use them when prepping your wild-game meat or fish.

stalking deer in woods
Big Game
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The art of deer stalking

Learning how to move around in the forest, while seeing deer and creating shooting opportunities is what makes for good woodland deer stalking.

Man In A Speedboat
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Keeping your boat clean

Boat clutter is distracting and time-consuming. Keeping an orderly boat is an ongoing battle, but here are ways I keep myself on top.

wooden net with a fish
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DIY: laminated wooden fishing net

No matter what species you like to catch, it’s best to keep it wet and in a net. Here’s how you can build your own.

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2021 Hunter Survey results

The 2021 Hunter Survey drew hundreds of participants back in October, and the results are here. Keep your eyes open for our next campaign.

a duct tape gaiter
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DIY: duct tape tricks

Duct tape is a wonderful item with many uses that extend to hunters and anglers. A roll can be a big help if you keep it in your pack, truck, ATV, or snowmobile.