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Steelhead gravlax

Gravlax is one of the main components of the classic dish “Bagel & Lox.” No cold smoking required, a dish for any occasion.

Luigi de Rose and high-water bass
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Fishing high-water bass

Fishing during a flood wasn’t as easy as I expected. Finding the most productive bass areas is the key to a good day on the water.

Nicoise Salmon Salad
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Niçoise salad with coho salmon

This classic French salad is traditionally made with tuna, but fresh local coho salmon is a great substitute.

smallmouth thumb
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Strategies for catching elusive smallmouth

Chinwag with smallmouth specialists and you can bet your favourite soft plastic they’ll tell you bass become conditioned to angling pressure.

following the feed throughout the season
Big Game
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Following moose diet through the seasons

It’s amazing moose can fuel themselves eating only leaves, twigs, and other vegetation, especially in the dead of winter.

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Ontario-based online hunter safety course coming

New hunters will have an Ontario-based Hunter Safety Course (HSC) option by late summer.

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Crazy for Lake Ontario coho

When I tell other anglers on Lake Ontario that I’m targeting coho salmon, the usual reaction is disbelief.

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Waterspout reports increasing

New research says reports of waterspouts, a whirling column of air and water mist that usually appears as a funnel-shaped cloud, are increasing every year.

Lyle Gayder Ontario OUT of DOORS
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A dream come true

A retrospection guest blog on a summer well spent at OOD magazine, remotely – by this summer’s assistant digital editor, Lyle Gayder.